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    Ending of a stage

    you can't do that!! i still owe you a grow report!!! :-) i only have to say that you're a very kind person plus truly passionate about our work, i can only say: if need something, just ask!all my best wishes and luck bro!
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    High,Im a guy from germany

    I've been smoking thrugh the westfalia-limburg area last week... plenty of weed near the border! you're lucky to have such a nice neighbours, although our moroccan ones arn't bad too... welcome!
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    Bodhi Seeds in 100% organic glory...

    wow! this startrains are really impressive!!!! ps. bodhi: still owe something to you, havent forgot about that!
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    Check the Tropical STRAIN REPORTS at THC Strain Guide

    i was aware of that i bet you're one of the breeders that have contributed more to the strain base... lovely work! thanks! Saludos!!
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    Dissapointing results, especially compared to 2005

    don't be so defensive Nirrity, maybe my seeds wasn't from the same batch (different male and female used), but definately i know how to grow herb, only got this number of hermis in some landraces, Kc brains stuff (that's why the are 15$) and this seeds...which couldn't be qualified as...
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    Dissapointing results, especially compared to 2005

    it's like the ufo thing,the truth is out there, some believe others don't... all i can say is the worse seeds i've ever grown in 15 years was reef's c99, from 20 seeds 10 hermies and 6 males...and don't tell me was my fault or pics needed or something because were grown side by side with other...
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    Birds Nepal Highland

    very healthy looking plants !!! how are you feeding it?
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    Company makes any plant produce THC and the tomatoes are especially yummy

    GMO's are not funny things! they can contaminane non modified crops, and the results are unpredictable and frequently harmful, i think most of the people there are against Monsanto and their genetic messing practics. things change when thc is involved? i don't think so. tomatoes are good enough...
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    Lemon Larry OG Kush

    great pictures bigbuddy, i have 4 different LL females, some shorter some more stretchy, they're a couple of weeks into flowering. would be an isuue if join your thread with my plants? Saludos!
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    El Gordo's Nepaleses

    thanks to everybody that slipped in!! yesterday's afternoon was talking with the friend that has the house in the woods, and has no problem growing the nepaleses there, so Dr. Herbal's desires will be fulfilled!! :harvest: hope we all have a good taime enjoying this collective grow toghether (i...
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    El Gordo's Nepaleses

    Hola Everybody, i don't know if i'm the last one (i think so) but today finally recieved the seeds (THANKS AEROS!). Will join the party in the next few days, still have to plan where i will grow the seeds, as the outdoor season has already started a couple of months ago and there's almost no...
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    My Chemdd polinated the entire garden!

    i suggest you to wait until the plants mature, but will cut the chemdd that has released its polen and the ones that have bananas and let mature the others as usual. you can find some gems in the seeds if you allow it to mature for 4 full weeks but most of the seeds have big chances to throw...
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    can an artificial light interrupting night, ruin flowering?

    i always heard that if you can read a book near the plant, you will have a lot of chances to f**k the flowering phase
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    white satin x sour d v3

    i have recieved the same freebies, and after a bit of research i find out that the white satin is a mandala strain
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    Oxacana Sativa & Ibizian Skunk

    the only i can say about ibizan skunk is i guess it should came frome the ibiza island in spain just in front of valencia in the mediterranean sea...maybe some sort of skunk incrossed there?
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    Colombian Red Point

    glad to read posts of the real heads like you and dubi, nice info!
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    New seeds to come,suggestions?We want your opinion

    also interested in yur point noire congolese, will be commercially released?:afroweed:
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    lookin for devil info

    hello ichy, i've gown the devil around 98 when it still was red devil, not too productive indoors (maybe because of my lack of experience) i think outdoors is where this plant really shines (got one of the best weed i've ever smoked) remember a lavender flavour with cofee undertones. delicious...
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    Powdery mildew resistant strains?

    i got one cripple creek that stand without a spot when all the other plants are covered by the white powder. i think some pakistanis-afghanis and sativas have the most resistance against that mould,but have to select the most resistant individuals... most of the commercial hybrids/polyhybids are...
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    What I'm working on for 2009

    BH, be careful because there's a strange disease out there (specially in the south) that affects severely the foreigners from upnorth, the tomato syndrome, jejeje :icon_cookie: protect you from the sun!!! starts to beat harder in a couple of months! a baseball cap and the siesta is a security...
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