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  1. Tardbuster

    Flushing, Drying, Curing, In Sc

    Flushing is subjective to the grow, but if you have nutes left (dark leaves) at chop, your plant will still try to use em. Mj doesn't care if its attached to the root or not, its slowly dies as it dries, not instantly when cut. Just another variable to screw up your dry/cure imo. Plus most...
  2. Tardbuster

    molasses after final flush

    Molasses is some outdated tech. Sucanat mayne. If your gonna taint your buds with the suggies do it right!
  3. Tardbuster

    No one addresses odor in the micro grows

    Ona gel, I've smoked plenty of that crap... Keep it far away from your buds. Unless you like dryer sheet weed? Cannabis is a SPONGE "Those aren't terps bro, was this shit snuggled in by Snuggle bear? " They make inline carbon filters, if you need it on the outside of the fan baffle.
  4. Tardbuster

    Compost Tea: Miracle Cure Or Marketing Gimmick?

    Off topic and long winded, but you mentioned it, so.. Terpinator works overnight because its fruit esters in sugar water. And zinc. The roots soak it up. It's salesmen who say otherwise. There is no science like people using the stuff claim,no chemical reactions happening or anything...
  5. Tardbuster


    Fuckin chloramine, Monsanto probably sells that shit to water depts. Seriously what was wrong with chlorine? Carbon can filter it out, that's what!
  6. Tardbuster

    Are My Seedlings Normal?

    Yeah that's Monsanto G69n402 Fern Gulley is the street name.
  7. Tardbuster

    How is cannabis able to take high temps outdoors in summer, but not indoors?

    Outdoor plants are started in the spring, the roots can take the abuse by the time the heat comes. Also, they can breathe. Vegging is really important to plant strength. Aint no indoor grower got time for that!
  8. Tardbuster

    I Have 5 Different Strains But They All Smell The Same!?

    That's it Im getting a dehydrator. Been wanting one for fruit anyway. Always thought it was kinda a joke, guess it really works from what I've been seeing online . Im having the same problems, just when i think i got it the terps vanish like I've missed the peak and burped one too many...
  9. Tardbuster

    botanicare's weird smell..

    2017 and people still ruin their bud with these nutes. Taste like plastic ass! No taste buds? Delusional? A mix of both? I don't get it. Entire crops that smell like nothing but PBP, or Sweet, or Budcandy. Ridiculous how many people use the stuff and can't notice the nasty tastes/smells...
  10. Tardbuster

    Why Do Millennials Have No Respect? A Thread By A Millennial

    Cannabis in general has went down hill since I started smoking. That could be the reason. And Ive taken "tolerance breaks" upwards of 2 years, so no, its not that old argument. Old timers tend soil in general. The new croppers tend wallets, out of ignorance of new consumers they take...
  11. Tardbuster

    Plant Bleeds Red!!

    Cant wait for lab results showing it to be grow product in the plant. Swear i saw pm in one of those pics too.
  12. Tardbuster

    The Quick Dry Discussion

    Im sure there's a way. I know the locals always talked about using the dehydrators, and I never smelled haybale weed at those peoples get-togethers. My only hang up, is that some of the chronic I've smoked, it was obvious there were still reactions happening during its freshly harvested stage...
  13. Tardbuster

    Strain Advice

    Im with the autos for beginners crowd. Especially if you've never grown any other plant before. Growing better weed in my window from auto than any dispensary sells for 17/gram
  14. Tardbuster

    Advanced Nutrients Vs Fox Farms Nutrients

    Come again? Which manufacturer do I need to sue for fraudulent MSDS?
  15. Tardbuster

    Terpinator Ban?

    Maybe that says something. Oregon knows what natural means? Cannabis needs to be natural. Id post pics of lush plants grown with water and local soil, but no one on the internet would believe it. When Oregon bans the soil then we can call their thought process bullshit.. Til then..!
  16. Tardbuster

    Bud Candy, Big Bud, Overdrive And Flawless Finish...

    The manufacturer wants you to use them late as possible. Thats how they add weight. Contaminating the buds. Putting a crop grown with Budcandy vs a plant with a natural candy flavor, its laughably obvious how these products work. Just like hair thickening agents. All an illusion to rip...
  17. Tardbuster

    Flushing Question

    If you fed commercial hydroponic nutes at recommended dose, there's no flushing it out. Thats how subjective "flushing" is. Seems most these threads are new growers trying to get experienced growers to rate their Cannabis for them, over the Internet. No offense but you got the plants in...
  18. Tardbuster

    Stoner Barf: Yes, It’s A Thing,

    One dude I knew, his bud always made me puke up. Good guy but shitty grower. He didn't use Neem either. Some mystery pesticide. Weed don't make ya puke, shitty growers make ya puke!
  19. Tardbuster

    Your Growing Secrets

    Bingo. Never use the recommended dose. Once you overfeed, there's no flushing of half them nutes. Just because no one's running to the library with a scanner doesn't mean you should disregard what someone's tells you. Stop getting grow advice from salesmen. What am I selling by telling...
  20. Tardbuster

    Trichome Flushes?- Gsc Forum Cut

    Could be new trichs, or sugar deposits if you feed koolaids. Or pm, im too lazy to zoom. If you "trichs" are turning purple i think we have our answer.
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