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  1. Gr8ful1

    Root Rot Help

    I use hygrozyme @5-7ml per gal. and haven't had any problems,and can even be used with h2o2(hydrogen peroxide).I imagine using any enzyme type additives would also work,but this stuff is really good.
  2. Gr8ful1

    few dwc questions, your advice greatly appreciated

    1. Size of the tub depends on the number of plants per container,and the size you want to grow.I give 5 gal. growing room per plant,and grow to about 6-6.5feet tall. 2.The water should start out @the bottom of the pot or just bellow.The bubbles from the air pump will keep things wet until the...
  3. Gr8ful1

    RadioShack ????

    I use a jewlers loupe with 30x magnification that I bought on ebay.It has a larger viewing window,and is easier to handle when your are looking at your plants.It is 30x-21mm.Hope this info helps .HAVE A GR8FUL DAY!!
  4. Gr8ful1

    link's arrived...

    Welcome to the farm link , It's nice to meet you!!:cool:
  5. Gr8ful1

    Well I'm here

    Welcome to the farm Frog!!It's nice to meet you.:cool:
  6. Gr8ful1

    High people ..

    Happyherb , welcome to the farm!! That's a cool avatar. Have a Gr8ful day!!:cool:
  7. Gr8ful1

    British Hempire Seeds at auction

    Hello BH, I was wondering if you plan to list that TW x Egyptian Hash plant.I am intrested in obtaining a nice hash plant to add to my jungle.Thanks . HAVE A GR8FUL DAY!!:cool:
  8. Gr8ful1

    Best harvest time

    I have always harvest after a 48 hour period of darkness.
  9. Gr8ful1

    Nice Place, Think I'll Stay

    Hello hererisssh and welcome!!I know that you will enjoy your stay at the farm.Logic runs a pretty clean site , and promptly takes care of the problems !!
  10. Gr8ful1

    Flushing plants to clear nute burn

    Reverse osmosis water is lacking in certain elements that act as buffers to stabalize the ph of the water.I believe that calcium is the element.I add 1/4 strength cal mag to stabalize the ph and it seems to work
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