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  1. Rcubed

    2018 Od Stretch And Bloom

    It's getting to be that time of year. Post your stretch and bloom pics. I'll start it off. White Widow, Berry Bomb, and Gorilla Glue
  2. Rcubed

    Searched Infirmary, Can't Id This

    I'm not new to this, but I've never seen this. Growing outdoors in soil with Canadian peat moss, earthworm compost, red lava rock, neem cake, kelp meal, composted chicken manure, rock dust, and ground oyster shell. This a 5 week old plant that appears healthy but has these white splotches on...
  3. Rcubed

    Winter Flip With Mother Nature

    Ok, I've been reveging my last harvest. I just took some clones so I decided to experiment with flowering the mamas outdoors during the dead of the So Cal winter. I had been bringing them in under a 315 during the nights and putting them out about 4am for the reveg. Last night I left these two...
  4. Rcubed

    Got 5 Strains Will Grow 2 Help Me Choose

    I'm just rounding into my next grow. I'm re-vegging Somango, Blue Mystic, Big Bud, and Mystery Madness. I will add two strains from the five seed strains I have for a total of 6 plants. I plan on getting them pretty big indoors and moving them outside in late April. Looking to grow some...
  5. Rcubed

    Cal Cannabis Withdrawal Of Proposed Medical Cannabis Regulations

    LICENSING AUTHORITIES ANNOUNCE WITHDRAWAL OF PROPOSED MEDICAL CANNABIS REGULATIONS Agencies Also Post Summary of Public Comments to Cannabis Web Portal SACRAMENTO – California’s three cannabis licensing authorities announced today the official withdrawal of the medical cannabis regulations...
  6. Rcubed

    Does Anyone Remember These?

    I'm going through my garage digging up my old indoor stuff and I ran across this beauty from 30 years ago.
  7. Rcubed

    Reborn Grower

    Hi everybody. I stumbled on this site after being re-born into the growing world. About 30 years ago when I was wet behind the ears I grew in closets and home built cabinets. Then responsibility hit me between the eyes and I took a job that I couldn't put in jeopardy. Now that California has...
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