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  1. Plumbitup

    Open pollination

    I was gifted some Pakistani Chitral seeds from CSI Humboldt, an inbred line of theirs. I’d like to do an indoor open pollination with a the 2 males and 2 females I have. I was thinking to flip the females about a week before the males, since outdoors it seems males flower a bit earlier in my...
  2. Plumbitup

    Hey, from Vermont!

    Being that you’re in VT. , get yourself some Vt. Compost Co. Fort Vee Mix. It will out perform the FFOF and you’ll be supporting a great local company.
  3. Plumbitup

    Low Odor Clones

  4. Plumbitup

    Out Of The Shadows In Vermont

    Good morning. Recently wrapped up my first legal outdoor season here in Vermont and it’s great to be out of the shadows. My first outdoor grow was in 1969, and I’m still learning with every run. One of the best aspects is to see the community that’s quickly developing locally with events...
  5. Plumbitup

    M.o.b V1.1 (coming Soon)

    I’m going with 95
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