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  1. tokinblackguy

    Whats On Abnormals Deck For 2018.....

    For sure bro, sounds like a plan, I'm always around in the background. May have a few trinkets you might be interested in taking care of for me whilst I figure out my next move. Hopefully, I'll be following in your footsteps and going the "legal" route. I'll be around bro, hit me whenever.
  2. tokinblackguy

    Whats On Abnormals Deck For 2018.....

    Nice growing and selection and congrats on going legal FOE. Good to see you back at it.
  3. tokinblackguy

    Old Time Moonshine Project

    thought i would be in time to throw my name in the hat for these or the urkle cross, but the lady friend i loaned my camera to "accidentally" dropped it and cracked the darn lens. the things i do for the female species....sheeeesh here's some eye candy anyway, and Mosca, please drop a line...
  4. tokinblackguy

    Reefs website is up

    i will keep everyone updated on what's what. however, i have a feeling what bigbag is trying to do is from his own personal stash. while i commend his effort, i want to also point out that none of this is his problem. as such, i wouldn't feel right being compensated by him for something he...
  5. tokinblackguy

    Reefs website is up

    PM sent, awaiting your reply.
  6. tokinblackguy

    Reefs website is up

    dude, are you SERIOUS???? that was supposed to be sarcastic right, hope. if not, you are seriously delusional. i'm not trying to pick on ya or anything, but i wouldn't care if he gave out gold bricks, stellar customer service is what he built reeferman seeds off of and only when he stopped...
  7. tokinblackguy

    Reefs website is up

    i sent this email the other day, previously i emailed on 2 or 3 different occassions, months ago, none were answered. i thought it was just me being ignored. i doubt this one gets a response either but oh well. long while since i last heard from you charles. i see the new offerings...
  8. tokinblackguy

    pink kush info ???

    im loving my pk!
  9. tokinblackguy

    Reefermans sour diesel (sshxsd)????

    a little misinformation and definitely some bias in this thread, but i will attempt to provide some CORRECT info for the op's question. first, we must remember that reef released more than one version of his sour diesel. the first i believe was the ecsd cut x a citrusy kush ibl, this sd was...
  10. tokinblackguy

    Pink Kush and Blue Satellite 2.2 keepers

    BS 2.2 shots this is the satellite keeper and i adore her just as much as my pk. i know i uploaded a few more shots but my browser isnt displaying them for me to link here. sorry, but you can find them in my gallery. this girl isnt very sativa'ish as i thought was the goal in this...
  11. tokinblackguy

    Pink Kush and Blue Satellite 2.2 keepers

    which version did you run joker? these are the f4's with most leaning more to the sativa side in my experience. this one def leans sativa, as far as growth habits, but really packs the weight on late in bloom. lanky girl, reminds me of the larry from the pics ive seen. would make a supreme...
  12. tokinblackguy

    Pink Kush and Blue Satellite 2.2 keepers

    sorry guys, they should be there now. been without my pc for a while and doing things online from phone is a big PIA but i try. sorry if any duplicates show but the pics are in my gallery if anyone wants to have a look.
  13. tokinblackguy

    Pink Kush and Blue Satellite 2.2 keepers

    couple shots of the ladies i kept and hopefully will have in my garden for some years to come. first is the PK, found in the half pack i ran. i will run the rest of the pack eventually, but i am quite pleased with this girl in just about every aspect.
  14. tokinblackguy

    Alien OG, Sour Alien and Grass Knuckles v2 are here!

    finally scored some connection gear, sour alien!!! i had a bid on the alien og too, but trying to keep up with both auctions on a cell proved too daunting a task. oh well, at least i got one, the one i wanted most no less. congrats to the other winners, payment out tomorrow!
  15. tokinblackguy

    Happy new year and Seeds shipped

    well guys, reef was online on the 29th of jan. so he's obviously following and still active just not responding anymore. i popped 5 of the 05' burmese i got from the auction recently and not one sprout. i'm not even contacting him about as nothing ever came of the romulan and i wouldn't...
  16. tokinblackguy

    Happy new year and Seeds shipped

    been waiting on the Romulan that was promised over a year ago. don't really know what's going on, but i know he's been busy and the floods didn't help things either. i will say, i'm not trying to email or pm anymore, starting to feel like i'm begging and i don't want to do that.
  17. tokinblackguy


    have you gotten a reply wyatt? i sent an email as well on the 18th but haven't gotten a reply. anyone else that sent an email, have you heard back yet???? just curious, maybe it's just me.
  18. tokinblackguy

    Best of rm pics

    anyone know what's going on with this contest? is it still going on, has anyone received anything, or is it dead in the water?????
  19. tokinblackguy

    Reeferman Romulan

    i've been waiting on some for over a year now Dub. got a line on the Grape Rom cutting but the guy is a little paranoid about sending right now. seeds or the cut, seems i keep hitting a brick wall, thinking of just moving on and forgetting about it. if it does come my way soon, i got you...
  20. tokinblackguy

    fungus gnats and Diatomaceous earth

    this is good advice that i just recently discovered to be a very good weapon against fungus gnats. i came across something similar at another site and while i didn't have a chance to test their method, the one i did use is similar and worked quite well. the thread suggested mosquito dunks...
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