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    Too Many Carbon Scrubbers?

    What type of filters and fans? You have a room that isn't sealed properly or you have the scrubbers setup incorrectly. I run several can 150s and 12" max fans recirculating in my rooms with barely any discernable odor in sealed rooms. Any common area outside your rooms can also use a scrubber...
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    Grow Room A/C

    Working on upgrading cooling on a commercial project with 2 flower rooms each room would be 24 to 36 gavitas with 10 foot ceilings but am going up to 12 hopefully 14 foot max height. I am looking for recommendations on 5 or 1o ton split system acs that can hopefully run 3 phase depending on what...
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    28.35 % THC Bruce Banner #3

    Hate to bump an oldie but Bruce Banner was a beast to grow huge rock hard buds. My patients and all their friends always ask when I'm getting it back everyone loved the buzz multiple people saying it's the best they've had. I have other favorites like raw said the flavor was ok to me. That grape...
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    anyone using "terpinator" ?

    I run pretty much the whole synthetic line with a tweak here and there as I see fit. The end product is clean and tasty.
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    anyone using "terpinator" ?

    I have been running cutting edge its a solid brand it's funny you guys said that.
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    anyone using "terpinator" ?

    Its listed ingredient is potassium sulfate, so there is sulfur in it. More going on then just potassium would be the sulfur or a hidden pgr. I personally went through 10+ gallons testing it. At least read the label if you're going to call me out Endora.
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    anyone using "terpinator" ?

    I've tried it with no magical results. I did multiple comparisons on sinister and Skywalker og over 6 months. Maybe the people getting amazing results are potassium or sulfur deficient in the first place.
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    Long Term Dabbing And Tolerance?

    Dabs are definitely addictive and have undesirable side effects many people just pretend don't exist.
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    Nitrogen: The Double-edged Sword

    The more I learn the more I appreciate learning how to garden as a child with natural amendments like leaf compost and manure. Now its funny because I am slowly trying these things for my indoor garden with no issues. Great article hopefully opens some peoples eyes.
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    70 day flower time minimum for almost every strain.
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    Plain water 2 weeks minimum and I also like to taper my nutes down before the flush for best taste.
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    Midwest Densies Lacing Up Some Clown Shoes

    Nice build interested to see how it goes!
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    Can 3 Pounds Per Light Be Achieved? Better Back It Up With Proof, Talk Is Cheap!

    3lbs per light is a big claim. None of the pics in this thread show 3 pounds of weed or even close.
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    180 day lab test of Avid, Forbid, Floramite, Eagle 20

    Where's the lab test results at? It says it right in the title but no lab tests posted up? I find it odd a moderator would sticky this without something concrete other than street credit or hearsay. Not saying anyone is a liar or that avid etc are safe either. Makes me question everything on...
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    Terpinator- Does this stuff really work?

    Sounds like potassium sulfate and triacontanol at very high price tag to me.
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    Look what I found.

    Tasty free range wild organic kosher vegan ganja!
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    Flushing is a bad practice based on flawed science.

    Feed water at least the last 14 days. Don't feed too much or too often. Keep the ph above 6 in most soilless medias. Why do people have to make it so hard? Container size and a plants vigor among other things also influence the amount of time they want plain water. All you newbs on here need to...
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    cheap veg booster..from an old

    Sounds worth a shot. Have you ever foliar fed it?
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    So who is worried in the midwest about all the rain lately ...

    I've been enjoying the rain my veggies are doing great! Hopefully everyone's ganja does ok. If anyone needs an experienced bud tester I'm here to help.
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    CDC Demands 132 Passengers That Flew With 2nd Ebola Patient Report For Testing

    Good idea to let someone who was exposed to Ebola back in the US. Really does it take billions of dollars to see how dumb that is?
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