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    Green Buds & Jam 6 - Dec. 7th at 910 LIVE w/ Johnny Richter - Shop Boyz - Property6

    Johnny Richter -- Shop Boyz - Starring PHOENIX NEW TIMES 2012 Best local band PROPERTY SIX Also performing: Lucky D -- GBOI -- KnuckeHeadz and S.P.A.D.E. 910 Live 910 N. McClintock DR. Tempe AZ. -- 18+ ONLY Doors open 7:00 PM.
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    AZ growers list your moms

    update: Medibud Kushberry Alaskan ThunderFuck BlueDream BlueBerry Blast ( Northern lights #5 x Dj's blueberry ) Jamaican Lambsbread ( Said to be Bob Marleys fav ) Seeds: Jilly Bean Cheese BlueBerry Blast bubba kush White Widow
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    FREE CLONES!!! AZCS Tops for Tots Toy Drive

    1000's of clones are being given away for toys at the AZCS elmirage location. If you're interested watch the video and or bring a toy to AZCS for a Clone or a gram YOUR CHOICE! Must have authorized to cultivate on your green card in order to get a clone... 100's of strains!! Come check it...
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    SmotPoker's Grow Log ( Hempy Buckets )

    Final update for this log.. Hempy Buckets were fun, but every little problem exists with it... New growers should be told to grow in soil. Not a complicated DWC system.. I will one day go back and try again, but for now to get some real yeilds, ive switched to Soil.
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    SmotPoker's Grow Log ( Hempy Buckets )

    quick update since i cant post pics.. I tried again to only fail.. They should make it easier to post pictures here.. Every other site accepts them just they way they are.. Anywho.. I supercropped half of the new tops 2nd week into flower, and they are doing awesome. they are all 5+ feet tall...
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    AZ growers list your moms

    update: Medibud Kushberry Alaskan ThunderFuck Blue Dream Jamaican lambsbread Blueberry blast coming soon Pineapple X C99 Vortex Plushberry white widow
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    25 mile rule

    They plan on having a dispensary in enough locations that the 25 mile rule will get nearly EVERYONE. As far as places to buy meds now, there are many compassion clubs which are open until a judge makes a ruling on them. Someone earlier said something about the fingerprinting rule, that...
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    What is the AZ law regarding Clones?

    Most clones I see for sale are $15 a piece. I also see alot of people giving them away for free.
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    SmotPoker's Grow Log ( Hempy Buckets )

    I cant post pictures here.. they;re too big and its too much effort to resize each and every picture. But they are doing amazing :) I topped them and them topped those tops vegged for 6 weeks, they are now at day 5 of flower
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    What is the AZ law regarding Clones?

    Medibuds awesome, I have pics of them in 7 week flower in hempy buckets on AZCS, I can't upload here says filesize is too big..
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    AZ growers list your moms

    Medibud BlueDream Alaskan ThunderFuck Kushberry Coming Soon: Jamaican LambsBreath Pineapple Kush White Rhino
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    SmotPoker's Grow Log ( Hempy Buckets )

    Week 3 from clone Transplanted them into 2 gallon buckets in pure perilite with a hole drilled 2 inches from the bottom for over flow. I will let them grow in here for a week till they get another foot tall, then i will take clones, veg for 1 last week then put into flower.
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    SmotPoker's Grow Log ( Hempy Buckets )

    just under 2 weeks here is the kushberry clones just under 2 weeks of being in these cups, they are now starting to take off. I will have to transplant them next weekend to 2.5 gal buckets.. to veg another week or 2 then flower...
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    SmotPoker's Grow Log ( Hempy Buckets )

    The clones are ready and I have transplanted them all into casino style coin cups in which ive turned into hempy buckets. With a pencil size hole about an inch from the bottom. they will veg in here for about a week then i will transplant them into 2gal buckets for another week, and then cut...
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    Trimming while in flowering to increase yields?

    Yes but i recommend, you not taking clones from plants already 3 weeks into flower, i have heard that it could take up to 3 weeks for a plant to go back to veg from flower, its best to take clones while the plant is in veg all the way up to 1 week of flower.
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    Medical-Pot Probe flags 8 Doctors in the valley Im fairly certain my dr is on that list, ive talked to alot of people who have been to the same dr as me. I wonder what will come of this.
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    What you really need to know about arizona medical marijuana

    That video was interesting, the guy in it although a little informative, he's very douche baggish... It seemed like he would be one of the people against the law. Question really is, how come we don't have people in the MMJ industry making videos like this for our community... I want to see...
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    Advice on watering in the Hempty bucket

    I too use 100% perilite but I ran into a problem watering daily... No one told me not to feed daily... i was halfway into flower before realizing, but you should water daily in pure perilite but only feed nutes twice a week.
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    ????????hempy buckets

    I am a huge fan of hempy and recommend to all.
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    Jacks Cleaner & Jillybean Hempy SOG Tub

    Awesome grow. I like the tub idea.. How much yield did you get out of those 20?
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