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    Airstone tolerant nutrients...what are they?

    I have been long time user of Technaflora. I use 18gal tubs with 10 gals of solution and a six inch "bluestone" airstone. I have no idea the DO level achieved with that and the HydroFarm air compressor. Starting with well water of 7.2, PH w/30ml down and mixing the recipe for success I see...
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    looking for testers

    I will be happy for you to consider my skill and rooms for your tester needs. Thanks P.S. o please o please o please please please :party0033:
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    Mini Splits

    Havc & Licences What ^ they said also Some things your gonna need: Vacuum pump Vacuum gauge w/mainifold Vacuum line adapter Copper pipe cutter Flange press (check size carefully) Freon +/- 5 lbs In my area a licences is required to purchase r410a freon. If your space is...
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    Cannacopia Government Mule (G13 x DC) chop shots, featuring the oh so cute DR40!

    Cannacopia Hey I have ran Gov. Mule I also got deep purple. All though Cannacopia offers lower priced beans, which are better then, don't expect alot. I am working the Magnum (hASHPLANT x Deepchunk) very well. A great addition...
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    Test Grows

    I am running the BSH now in a DWC. Would be happy to run BSH in soil and/or some different hydro systems. All the new stuff looks yummy, but throw me some: KAR X NYCD and again can run it soil or hydro ya'll tell me what to do. Thanks for the task, I am looking forward to seeing...
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    Test Grows

    I have room for some more. Glad to grow any genes. Please. :party0033:
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    Herb dominates obama site

    Respect too for Mr. Paul he always spoke his mind.
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    Herb dominates obama site

    Obama needs to put some pot on the table before I roll with him, may fix the country but what bout us farmer's needs? What bout the time we have spent locked up'ed? What bout the life I have lost cuz I hermit away.... fuck change there an't no money in it.
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    Obama inauguration

    Ya'll seen/found a pic of the pilot? on topic dude needs to make good on some of these promises and ideas, agree better luck with this one but... proof is in the pudding and its not even day one!
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    get a dispensary to buy your product?

    Dam I really miss selling dimes on the corner.... What everybody is sayin walk in tall and you will walk out rich... think of the end user also my 2
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    Chimera & Cannacopia Seeds @THC auctions

    Glad to hear this I have been pushing Government Mule for awhile Grow File
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    Why do you grow the way you do?

    I smoke crack and need something to keep me busy I like this thread tho....
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    Thank You THC!

    Amen Elder I agree fully. :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:
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    will decreasing night time temps last week of flowering promote color changes...?

    I just ran into this "purple" on my grow. What really is going on here? Is it a darkening of the leaves to absorb more heat? or a mag disorder that is breed into the strain? or nutrients, or lights, or system? Why is this popular?
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    splitting plants

    What the... Thanks a million for the picture 81 FIC method? Fuck I Crushed it...
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    ChemdogD I x 1 f2 (xmas freebie)

    Thank you very much, this shit never ceases to amaze me.... so on to the grow room!
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    Whats happenin

    Hell yea boss glad to have you on the farm Final-ly this party can get started :party0033:
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    Getting everything in order

    Technaflora got great stuff, organics to!
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    Aeroponics question.

    good to leave the air pump on all the time less electric bill is really a problem. What your doing is introducing oxygen into the solution. This helps the roots system "breath". yes keeps your rez from being stagnant but a small water pump will circulate better for that purpose. IMO .5 cfm...
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    ChemdogD I x 1 f2 (xmas freebie)

    now I am not following.... Reservoir Seeds or Karma Genetics don't wanna step on toes but... also I don't understand incross, backcross? ChemdogD I crossed with ChemdogD I (a male and a female) gives the f1 then two f1s crossed gives f2? this is what I have with ChemdogD I x 1...
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