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  1. ConceptOfSleep

    What are you listening to right now?

    Wow!! Cant believe the thread I started in 2008 is still goin strong!!! Love seeing what all the farmers are listenin to Now that I'm back on the Farm I'll be posting in here a bunch Im sure!
  2. ConceptOfSleep

    trainwreck haze

    Looks phenomenal!!! Great job. Hope to see a smoke report!:smiley_joint:
  3. ConceptOfSleep

    Good After Noon ;)

    I think the question is if a cross of Northern Lights x Sour D would be considered an Indica or Sativa. And I think Phenotyper hit the nail on the head...that there would be some variation. With an Indica and Sativa mix you are bound to have a bit of both show up in the progeny. Hope...
  4. ConceptOfSleep

    My Re-Introduction

    Hi there fellow Farmers... Wanted to Reintroduce myself around these boards. I was here when the Farm first started up. Unfortunately I found myself in a bit of legal trouble and had some security issues, so for the past few years I was forced to shut down. Fortunately that is all behind...
  5. ConceptOfSleep

    Happy 420 everyone!!!

    Happy :420: everyone!! Enjoy and be merry! :smiley_joint:
  6. ConceptOfSleep

    So you play an instrument, huh? SHOW IT!

    Damn Greyskull! Thats some nice gear! The 2nd Epi LP you posted, is that the transparent Black Quilttop? Always loved the quilts. And that looks like one kickass Marshall as well... do you know what model it is? Ive been using a JCM for a while now, but have been looking into a new...
  7. ConceptOfSleep

    --hubcap's house of acoustica--

    Damn hub! You are putting some good tunes on rotation in here!! The David Gilmour stuff is epic, especially Shine On you Crazy Diamond. That Knopfler lesson is just plain crazy. Ive been playing for 12 or so years now and still cant dream of wailing like Mark or David. Gottal love Colin...
  8. ConceptOfSleep

    DIY sulphur burner

    Wow! Great DIY BudBoy! Definitely gonna look into this, and cant wait to see the finished project. Seems almost silly to go pay the $$ for a burner now... It would work great for my DR80 I think. K+! :smiley_joint:
  9. ConceptOfSleep

    Stealing Pics!!!

    And I dont think anything is wrong with that... The problem is that this website is blatantly using peoples images without their permission and without crediting the original photographers. I dont see anything wrong with saving some awesome images from time to time, but to put them up on...
  10. ConceptOfSleep

    Any Tobacco smokers?

    Im a tobacco smoker, and I actually have been rolling my own ciggarettes for close to 5 years now... I buy my tobacco from a local smokeshop for $19.99 a pound....with the upcoming tax changes, they are adding almost $25 dollars to that price JUST IN TAXES!!!!! That means the shops will most...
  11. ConceptOfSleep

    Grow Tent reccomendations? ~

    I gotta agree with Danny. Ive been doing the same research whatsgoodie... Im working with a limited space and also using 400W. Ive realized the Secret Jardin Darkroom80 seems to be the best for me. A bit pricier than the HTGSupply tents, but sems well worth it after some of the bad reports...
  12. ConceptOfSleep

    Say hi to the noob.

    Welcome to the Farm rezz :rasta: Im sure you will love it here, and good luck with your attic set-up... Im not sure your dimensions or what light you are using, but an air cooled hood and a good inline fan or can fan should probably be a good way to keep temps down...I know my attic gets...
  13. ConceptOfSleep

    What are you listening to right now?

    Wow, well even though Im confused about who/what Clutchy Hopkins is, those are some damn great tunes. Ive never heard of him before, so thanks for sharing that with us Ed! I love finding new cool music to listen to. Hell, thats why I started this thread here! Im gonna have to do some more...
  14. ConceptOfSleep

    --hubcap's house of acoustica--

    Yeah I bet man... A bunch of plans fell through and people bailed so I ended up just stayin in and drinkin with a few friends and blazin, the foot of snow sure was a pain in the ass though. I knew we were gonna get nailed by the storm so I didnt wanna be hungover with my car snowed in and have...
  15. ConceptOfSleep

    --hubcap's house of acoustica--

    Man some GREAT tunes here hubcap! I thought I was the only person who dug Colin Hay... His acoustic solo stuff is amazing. Great thread, Im sure Ill make a few contributions here :dance BTW how was that thing sunday? You get snowed in too? lol
  16. ConceptOfSleep

    What are you listening to right now?

    A lil bit of some live Queens of the Stone Age, from 02, when Dave Grohl was still on tour with them either right before or after Songs for the Deaf came out...Great stuff QOTSA - "Song For the Dead" QOTSA - "Regular John"...
  17. ConceptOfSleep

    What are you listening to right now?

    Great stuff on this thread everybody! Gotta love the 311 Hub!:afroweed: Nice call on the Sabbath too Hererisssh! Citizen Cope - "Bullet and a Target" Pantera - "Revolution is my Name" :mad0233...
  18. ConceptOfSleep

    New Jersey Medical Just Passed!

    Figured I would post this here guys! Looks like anyone from NJ needs to start harrassing their Assemblymen ASAP!!! :dance Way to go New Jersey!!! I can hold my head up proud to be a Jersey boy today! :smiley_joint:
  19. ConceptOfSleep

    New Jersey Medical Just Passed!

    Oh yeah... Damn proud that this passed! Now it heads to Assembly and then onto the Gov's desk to be signed! Way to go Jersey!!
  20. ConceptOfSleep

    Homebox S vs. Darkroom DR80?

    Thanks for the input everyone, it really is appreciated! :smiley_joint: s4m: Thanks again man I appreciate it Shad: thanks for the link and the idea of the wide tent...Im gonna look into it for sure. FF: Good to know someone can keep a space like that cool, Im just hoping I can do it with a...
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