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  1. Luke Harrison

    What Wrong with My Honey Dips? Droopy, Clawed Leaves.

    Depending on the brand of coco if using a cheaper brand they don't leach out the salt coco is salty (Botnicare coco is zero salt) and then your adding salt. Stop and flush girls with low ph water 3's or 4's so they wont uptake anymore till they start to yellow a little then get nutes designed...
  2. Luke Harrison

    cant figure this one out (iron, sulfur, calcium deficiency. off gassing or light bleaching)

    Raise the Humidity should be around 70%. Plants are fine under T5 because of the low heat not drying them out remember its a tropical plant so you need a tropical environment the grils are dissipating everything they have to battle the dryness under the 1K's thats why everyone says to rais the...
  3. Luke Harrison

    i use canna aqua nutes and have a PK 12-14 question

    Dude don't worry about it runit through and replant. Next time through you will have your rookie issues fixed and your plants will be better. Choose one strain you like the best and just grow that one untill your more expericened at reading and understanding what the palnts are telling you. And...
  4. Luke Harrison

    Old Farmer Info

    Back before the upgrade there was a posting on the infirmary home page that listed pic's and info of all diff def bugs and common problems. Anyone know were it went to? Haven't been able to find it thnx. Peace
  5. Luke Harrison

    2#s per 1k guaranteed?

  6. Luke Harrison

    8k flowering room how big?

    Rule of thumb is 55watts per sq ft
  7. Luke Harrison

    C02 c02

    I have done lot's of searches on the site and can;t find anything to answer My question. Which is do you run low c02 durning veg? My girls were growing great in My room which is totally sealed my c02 readings were down to 170ppm so I fired up the c02 to try and kepp it around 300 400ppm reg air...
  8. Luke Harrison

    Complex Indoor Smell / Air Pressure Issue

    I don't understand doors with zippers? IDK is this room a wood framed structure? Or a tent? The wall mounted a/c units?? are they a split system meaning they have a separate indoor and outdoor units? Or window shaker type where the sit in a window with the back half hanging out? Positive air...
  9. Luke Harrison

    Question on UC Plugging

    Thnx everyone I don't know if bigger pipe will solve the problem but I will follow your post to see woodsmaneh.
  10. Luke Harrison

    Question on UC Plugging

    Hey farmers I have looked at all the UC posts and did a search but can't find any info on roots plugging My lines. Every cycle about 4 weeks into flower the pumps start surging and sure enough I have a 2" line almost plugged with roots. So I locate it and lift the plant out and clear the...
  11. Luke Harrison

    Sealed Rooms 4000 watts "The Undercurrent"

    Why did you build the soffit around the top of the room? It dosen't apper to have anything in it so what function does it serve?
  12. Luke Harrison

    uc vs aeroponics

    I built my own uc system when i changed from my old DWC. It is perfect all i do to clean is close the vavle that leads back to the res and open the other and the pump pumps the water out to a drain at 980gal a min so very quickly around 30 sec to pump the res and the buckets down wich i have a...
  13. Luke Harrison

    How many 1000 watt lights?

    the ruel of thumb is 50watts per sq foot of grow room. so 10 x 15 150 sq ft. Times 50 per sq ft comes out to 7500watts. but there are variables on this also like room color and such. Like i said this is ball park.
  14. Luke Harrison

    Trying to decide between these two hydro systems - PLS ADVIZE!

    size of plant has more to do with the plant then the system. ebb n Flow is the better choice if your not expericened at growning less chance of over nuteing and root rot.
  15. Luke Harrison

    yellow leafs

    Just really need more info
  16. Luke Harrison

    4K Original Diesel RDWC Scrog

    Hey Trees how far do You keep the net for the scrog up off the buckets? And what was you co2 ppm running veg through flower? I just bought that same co2 generator has not came in the mail yet do you like it? The specs says it uses allot of water if you don't run a res and chiller though. Thnx
  17. Luke Harrison

    Still MASHIN' - Under Current 12XLs, Flip-Flop, '91 Chem

    Hey Rollin I appreciate the info on scrog I just don't know why you want to do it or what the benift is from it.
  18. Luke Harrison

    Still MASHIN' - Under Current 12XLs, Flip-Flop, '91 Chem

    Rollin I am intrigued with the wire set up over the girls. I don't understand why though? Are you gust trying to produce tops and nothing below the string? How big are the squares? and how much of the plant do you let go through? Thnx new to sog
  19. Luke Harrison

    Im sold on these MPB's. Few Q's

    It ranges about 5,000 btu's for one 1000w light ball park, depending on the surrounding air temp around the outside of sealed grow room and how well insulated it is.
  20. Luke Harrison

    New Room co2

    How do you know to much or to little?
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