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    U.F.O led lights

    Yeah I have yet to see led out proform hps.
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    Plant Nutrition and Visual Diagnosis

    cool thank you logic, great and informative. Thanks for the information. Smoke on late night tokers.!
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    Video that will answer your indoor question

    awesome link man!!!
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    yield calculator

    i dont know not that helpful. blaze on
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    Cure Your Medicine by DJ Short

    yeah i love the tex posts
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    Grower's Dictionary

    cool thanks for the tips
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    You Into Fogponics?

    yeah i agree clones not fogponics. Yeah. Man the dank organic!!!
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    I am in the process of setting up my flowering room 10x10

    Not to sure on the strain quite yet I have two huge mothers. One Master kush the other panama venus. I am most definatly doing a dominate indica strain first pull, I am going to be topping the plants and keeping the four or five top branches only. Any advise on soil mixture? Thank you everyone...
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    I am in the process of setting up my flowering room 10x10

    So I am in the process of building the room. the dimensions are 12length x 12width x 8heigth. I am planning on running 4 1000watt air cooled hoods. I am going to run organic soil first pull. I am thinking 9 plants per light with a total of 36 plants. Having the plants in 7 gallon buckets. About...
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    what is the best methods for cloneing of a mother?

    I have had mixed results about my cloneing methods. any advise on the proper way to take cuttings? I have been using plugs, hydrodome, with a rooting gel, and distilled water. so far my results have not been so successfull. I am very much a newbe to taking cuttings. Please let me know your much...
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