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    Grower's Dictionary

    Right on...thats a keeper=)...Thanks:banana1sv6:
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    Using Superthrive

    Superthrive rocks!!!...I have used it for years and prolly always will...just not during flowering.
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    Just a quick hello

    Welcome lokeysmokey...Im new here too...seems to be a pretty chill place...Enjoy.
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    S'up THC ?

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    Spider Mites

    I neem my plants once a week... havent seen a mite for quiet some time now.
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    this is what budder is!

    That was a sick hit HMK...Rock on bro:banana1sv6:
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    Hello from the Alps

    Whats up tortoise...Im looking forward to your pics...sounds like a nice line up. Peace-
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    High yall

    Hello, My name is CAM...Im just some dude on the internet. Peace-
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