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  1. Dirty White Boy

    Ever Wondered Why Or What Happened To Loompafarms A Few Years Back

    Ah, forget the haters loompa. They can't recreate you bro.
  2. Dirty White Boy

    Hows The Weather In Your Neck O The Woods?? And What Are You Doing Today???

    view off my new front porch!
  3. Dirty White Boy

    A detailed explanation of why fast curing buds in preferable to slow curing.

    I look at and think of cannabis just like an artist creating fine bourbon cognac or can certainly! Create a product in less time no question....but I don't see cannabis being a vodka while in bud form. Of course like vodka we can quick dry and concentrate and eh its all fairly all...
  4. Dirty White Boy

    Plant numbers in 4x4 tent

    I like 18 with a scrog.
  5. Dirty White Boy

    Long cure...

    I'm curious what the, cut off is.....I've read things and also personally talked with people like dj short and soma both of which said a 9 month cure is the minimum for them. I was also taught a method called dying on the vine literally starving a plant too death at the end of the cycle...
  6. Dirty White Boy

    taking strides

    I have two packs of sour turbo.....
  7. Dirty White Boy


    Yea dynasty rocks! That huckleberry is freaking awesome! I'm shocked that it hasn't gotten more notice. And outdoors forget about it that huckleberry is a'll knock ya out!
  8. Dirty White Boy

    Long cure...

    I was givin a jar of some amnesia haze i had grown back in 09' recently after i got out of jail. I had taken it past 160 days when I grew it, it was hung in a closet for about a month or maybe more then jarred up. It's like a completely different's a creeper take a few rips then...
  9. Dirty White Boy


    Bubba Kuh x blue heron#111. The blue heron is blue magoo x blue magoo/huckleberry
  10. Dirty White Boy

    Funky Town..

    I've got a bunch of Trc gear if ya want it? I've also got a bunch of gear I Made one of em is lonestars l.u.I x lonestars killer queen. Hurri I do apologize wasn't trying too piss on your leg dude .
  11. Dirty White Boy

    Platnium cherry pie strain

    Cherry pie is GDP x Durban poison ive grown it a few times it was ok. I also had the Hawaiian og x cherry pie that was also pretty good. I tried a few different cuts of each just never found any that blew me away. If the platinum cherry pie is crossed too a durban itd just be a durban backcross...
  12. Dirty White Boy

    Vertical 360 Light Micro Grow Box

    There really is no need too move the plant in and out of the box with the drain near the bottom of the bucket...a trellis is a must for sure...elevating the bucket however is a must if ya wanna remove the headache of removing such a tall plant then replacing it . I'd create a trellis and use the...
  13. Dirty White Boy

    Funky Town..

    Man yall are kinda Gumming up this thread....there is at least three active threads on the lights yall are bickering about....move the discussion over there. When someone asks a dang question too Texas kid how bout we let the dude answer....
  14. Dirty White Boy

    Vertical 360 Light Micro Grow Box

    Rocked many many waterfarms over the years. If your gunna trellis that sucker in there raise it up a few inches and cut the blue tube showing your water levels. When ya need ta drain flip that tube around and drain it from that into a tub or container then water through your medium till you hit...
  15. Dirty White Boy

    no-dome cloning

    Fill cup with moistened coco make hole with finger or pencil, take cutting dip in rooting hormone, place cutting in said hole in coco tap down coco around cutting and wait....that's about it.
  16. Dirty White Boy

    no-dome cloning

    Cool thread med man. But too take it a step further I literally just take clones and stick em in a cup of water and wait till I get tap roots. Just plain Ole tap water nothing else. Takes depending on the strain 4-10 days. I keep the cup under lights sometimes other times I just sit it next too...
  17. Dirty White Boy

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Damn yall got me jealous! I'm rocking the tahoe and triangle right now, bout too knock em both up with a killer stud of the dwb I came across. I'll grab some pics when lights come on.
  18. Dirty White Boy

    what the fuck muthafucka! I aint fuckin dead.......

    Man I just reread this thread and that fuckin hurts my heart. I get your vibe though dude. You don't wanna dig what I'm postin' ain't no thing maing. But give a dude a damn chance. I aint even talked too ya yet and with all I'm seein' and hearin' ya got goin on, I highly doubt I may ever get the...
  19. Dirty White Boy

    Amending Native Soil

    Sandy soil is very airy, dosn't hold nutrients well, or stabilize plants well. Making sure your plants are firmly rooted is important. What I like too do is place diapers at the bottom of fairly deep holes this helps extend the frequency of needing too water, as well as creates a water table...
  20. Dirty White Boy

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Lol I'll show pics but I can't pass it Round tell you the name or let you smoke it!!!!!! But I swear it's the greatest smoke ever! Looks fantastic though.
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