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    £2500 RooR Bong!!

    i've got the same shape and size roor without all the diamonds and bs and it was only 200!!! a gold plated bowl piece is just gonna get all res-ed out too!!!
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    found a single thrip

    i put lady bugs in my tent the day i started and keep them in there and have never had problems with bugs
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    Canna Rhizotonic(root stimulator)

    okay, i'm kind of new to this and i use only plain water to water my clones every day. would you suggest putting some rhizotonic in with them?
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    Grow or not to Grow

    i'm kind of a newbie too but have friends who have rooms... in my opinion, if you have the time and don't travel much its totally worth the investment. i live in a small 2 br apmnt with my dog and boyfriend and we manage an 8x4 in our little bedroom
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    Oakland, California passes landmark marijuana tax

    they can taz me all they want as long as it assures i'm not going to jail... and if you can grow an oz for 50 bucks then what are we all doing?
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    cleaning your water with fish water drops?

    i have these drops that are supposed to cleanse tap water so that it is safe for fishes. do you think it would be safe/good to use with my plants rather than going and getting purified water from a company?
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    California Adds Pot to List of Cancer-Causing Substances

    don't worry guys... some day everything will cause some kind of deathly disease. like they say... everyone that eats a pickle dies!!! haha wow doesn't the government have anything else to complain about... how about you worry about our debt before you go worrying about bs like that
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    Grower's Dictionary

    this is awesome!!! i <3 it!! answered so many of my questions suprisingly... some i didn't even know i had!!
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    me too. get pretty stuck on the couch alot haha
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    the three cheezers!

    those buds look beautiful. i have a buddy who just picked up some cheese... i heard that theyre super pungent... you can smell them for dayssss!!!
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    Purple Kush

    b-e-a-utiful!!! i love purple kush... one of my favorite strains
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    Need Medical Marijuana? Yep, iPhone's Got an App For That

    wow!!! what will apple do next?!?!?
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    A Shout Out From the Female Growers!

    i'm a female newbie too :D
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    Hi everbody!

    looks awesome!!
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    Hello there :D

    hey what's up?!?! i'm cannababy420. just getting started with my boyfriend on a little grow at our place. i cant wait to have little babies!! if you have anyyyy advice i'm pretty new to this so please!!! :party0023: i love techno music and :character0103:going on hikes:character0103:. my...
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    U.F.O led lights

    I have some LED lights that are dj lights that change color, but can be set to a specific spectrum. does anyone know if it would benefit me to put these in my veg or flowering room as a supplemental light? not exactly sure how they work... i just saw something about them
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    Flush technique that helps with trimming

    how often and when do you flush your coco?
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    Nothing But Canna Coco

    sounds amazing... my computers not showing any of the pics though :( using CANNA coco for the first time this round. reading all this i think i'll go coo coo for coco
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