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  1. Foutwenty71

    some good knowledge here for those willing to listen

    I'm only about a 1/2 hour in and finding some of it pretty good nug's of info....every little piece of info a guy or gal learns counts in the end so roll up a fatty and listen in...what doesnt help one person may help another...ya never know..........Cheers fellow farmers and tokers 😉
  2. Foutwenty71

    Yellow and wilting new leaves

    bumping this one up is all....see what the Dr.s gotta the new guy who posted this...need better info if you want help from people who know..I.E. soil medium watering practice what type of nute's....frequency of feeding like that........these guy's& gals are good...
  3. Foutwenty71

    What are these egg clusters?

    as for living in as for living in a buggy area...i got the same problem....treat the area with a stronger pesticide and kill the source ....thats what i had to do and all it does is slow it down but that helped me a lot...making them easier to control
  4. Foutwenty71

    am I ok to cut these 2 giant fan leaves off this 2 week old plant?

    @CF89 get a better close up of your leaves in real light....i might see some mite damage...real subtle .... but subtle turns to outright infestation relatively fast with mites...just a heads up...cant tell for sure with them pic's
  5. Foutwenty71

    What are these egg clusters?

    not sure what kind of poop that is....thats what the white clusters seem to be to me...but i see mite damage as well.. hose them things off righta way and research some poison for your area... need for speed or your in some plant hell real soon.... sorry bro
  6. Foutwenty71

    can a pot be too big? 5 gallon seems small

    I have thrown carpet where people put there dirty stinky feet for the better part of 30 years....Nobody would ever confuse me with being wimpy or weak...Having said that...I hurt my back pretty good moving a 10 gal pot last season(i dont know how that shit happens...but it WILL happen to you...
  7. Foutwenty71

    Taking over in the middle of a Cluster [email protected]

    well you can always pluck off the nanners if it's only an isolated case here and there...with a little tlc and vigilance it's probly gonna keep going...kinda a coin flip....just keep it on the strict 12/ you may get a few buds with seeds...not a big deal if the smokes decent...use finger...
  8. Foutwenty71


    Well I never really thought about the rabbits doing that... I posted this because I've seen what woodchucks have done to my cannabis before it's usually a diagonal cut low to the ground and most or the entire plant goes missing... This was stripping my bark off my plant... I got enough of that...
  9. Foutwenty71


    I think I interrupted whatever animal is doing this... If it's the animal I suspect anyway like a woodchuck...those are some pretty hot peppers from my garden plus I put red pepper on the ground and he still attacked the plant...pretty sure the other picture that I post is a woodchuck den but...
  10. Foutwenty71

    Pest/Neem Oil Help

    Neem is an awful choice for weed....the oil never truly washes off so you cant use it on buds EVER...just the leaves....and it's really not very effective....just a heads up
  11. Foutwenty71

    Dose anyone grow fruit n veg in your back yards .

    Reaping the harvest... I actually ate a full Folgers can of those green beans already this week.... Green beans and bacon mmmmmmmm... Homemade spaghetti sauce on the near horizon..
  12. Foutwenty71

    Something is wrong..burned my tips 🤔

    just be gentle ...i transplanted in flower b4 with good results...never grown an auto b4 though
  13. Foutwenty71

    Gettin' weird and having fun at Animal's House

    is that a masterbuilt smoker???...looks like mine inside...i use that model in the winter here mostly cause the walls are thick and it's so damn cold here....charcoal barrel smoker all summer long..............SMOKE on MAN!!!! 😁
  14. Foutwenty71

    New chicken farmer

    NOPE.... mine even avoid the weed altogether when they are stinky....walk right by the pots and never even take a sample bite outta the ones in veg
  15. Foutwenty71

    New chicken farmer

    i'm a damn stoner...i got that same kind and am not sure the name.....little dark brown ones....word of caution Plymouth Rock rooster is
  16. Foutwenty71

    Can a single 4 foot plant stink a whole mountain side

    I have a stinky unknown strain that I can't get away with growing on my property and I don't have any neighbors.... My driveway is the length of a football field and the road even further than that... Having said that every guest that came over last summer told me about the stink and asked me...
  17. Foutwenty71

    Bottom leaves yellowing and turning up

    just to add some irk.......MALE....with a little feminine side....had one in june identical...well late may june ...tried to breed it with one of my reveg experiments that failed....reveged plant now nearing end of stretch for 2ond flowering....made immature seeds on lower base of plant but...
  18. Foutwenty71

    Leaves twisting and curling

    w/out knowing anything about cocoa i'm saying she looks dry....gonna try it someday.....maybe too heavy ferts and not enough water...need to water that stuff a lot so i read....i'll pay attention to this post a while since i'm gonna try cocoa this winter
  19. Foutwenty71

    Super silver haze wilting, clawing under. Any guesses about problem?

    well maybe you should move it over the bigger plant and raise up your smaller plants.... They don't necessarily look bad at all.. just a little stretchy... Use some kind of pedestals or something and raise your smaller plants closer to the light just some ideas.... cheers
  20. Foutwenty71

    Dose anyone grow fruit n veg in your back yards .

    TGIF...looking forward to chillaxing down by the river this evening with an ice cold beer trying my luck at catching a fish..... Looks like I had one mammoth sunflower survive the Gopher attacks.. all the rest of the sunflowers came from the chicken feed in random spots throughout the garden...
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