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  1. norcal215

    Grass hopper outdoor help?

    i use this shit called nolo bait, it makes the grasshoppers become zombies and stop eating plants , they start eating eachother it does what its suppose too
  2. norcal215

    Red Eye Jedi

    @Prestige I may have a pck or two laying round
  3. norcal215

    G.o.D Cosmic Gouda = CheeseDream X Alien Kush

    Cali Is bout to Get Corrected!
  4. norcal215

    "Ghost Busta" Ghost Og X Alien Kush F2

    Keep it irie
  5. norcal215

    whats better than bottled root excelurator ?

    benefical bacteria
  6. norcal215

    G.O.D.S Alien Asphalt, Kungpow grow by 420Alldaze

    @420alldaze sup man how you livin you still around?
  7. norcal215

    2014 vegetable garden action.....

    i order seeds from this cat, im setting up a 2k sqft garden this year
  8. norcal215

    Calling all Old-er Cats

    i found that yesterday too, but was looking for info on this strain , count find anything stating that they breed, i just called them left a messgae
  9. norcal215

    Calling all Old-er Cats

    sup with ya farmers, I have a question i was given a grip of seeds from a respected member of the comunity, they are seeds from a breeder from back in the day called Wamm seeds, does anyone have info on their strain called X or XX here is a pic of her, the gentleman that gave these to me said in...
  10. norcal215

    Fuck yeah welcome back!

  11. norcal215

    Fuck yeah welcome back!

    hahahahah thats what u Are is a HACK! jp
  12. norcal215

    Red Eye Jedi

    hahahahah ken u will be second in line to run them
  13. norcal215


    @XVoodooX................where you at pimpin
  14. norcal215

    Red Eye Jedi

    i got you ken doggy dog
  15. norcal215

    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    @goo whats up pimpin?
  16. norcal215

    Fuck yeah welcome back!

    @Shamus has been working with me in shadows, solid cat has had a cut of mines for over a year.
  17. norcal215

    Fuck yeah welcome back!

    hahahahah ya boy its about to get real loud in here
  18. norcal215

    swerve "releasing the aliens"

    and as a thank you , we sent crosses of everything we hit with him to you, kinda a bummer to see that being questioned again after a cpl yrs when it was squashed before,
  19. norcal215

    swerve "releasing the aliens"

  20. norcal215

    Fuck yeah welcome back!

    Jeff has stepped his game up 100%.....................
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