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    Dead & Co Folsom Feild

    Glad you had a great time and went both nights!! I saw them in Charlotte at the ablut a month ago and had a blast!!
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    Is This Killing Me?!?!

    I have the same problem when I'm smoking flowers out of my fab egg! The moth piece is just small and collects resin. You are fine! Ike I said Thei happens when I smoke just flowers with the same shape mouth piece as you
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    The Brothel: The Quest For The Best

    I wonder if you pumped women as well as you grow flowers? lol that is some nice looking herb
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    how much are dispensaries paying for a pound?

    No sir! You may not have your water and drink it too.
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    Little Kitty

    Glad you found her!
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    Iso/everclear Slab... No Butane.

    Coming in hot with a phish quote! I see you boss, now keep working it!
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    Little Kitty

    I have a calico female and a solid black male lol what a coincidence My lbc (little black cat) poops in the toilet but he won't take a piss in it. When me and my girlfriend had room mates they had 2 cats as wel and my two always whipped their ass lol
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    Little Kitty

    I love her already! My feral cat is an attention whore from hell and the one we got from a litter at the vet is a nervous little basket case that doesn't even want you to look at him lol
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    how much are dispensaries paying for a pound?

    So what's more expensive a pound of weed or a pound of California's precious water? Lol
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    Gorilla Glue#4 Greenboots Cut

    Great work it's beautiful looking! What day are you gonna pull it?
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    Merry Christmas From Chickenman

    Love you chicken man hope you have a great Christmas
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    Anyone Tried The Zen Super Shooter Rolling Machine? These bitches are electric but idk about the quality of roll or if you have to use those tubes with filters on them Edit: never mind I liked you to the product you were asking about lol sorry boss
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    Competition Results Catalogue

    Yeah loompa got to pay his taxes and he got to take his fam to Spain for vacation lol. Totally not hating on him just saying it was a great marketing move that he has yet to follow through on as far as I've seen
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    Anyone Tried The Zen Super Shooter Rolling Machine?

    I saw this guy rolling cigs with a "stuffer" style roller and they looked pretty sweet and seemed like one hand operation wouldn't be a problem. Also they have a few models that can roll 2-3 at a time. Id post links now but battery is about to die. I'll come back and post some though. Sorry to...
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    50 Years Ago Tonight.....

    I was nervous as hell my first time. From the second I put it on my tongue till about 45 minutes later but the rest of the night was all smiles! I dont have vast experience with it as I only have one day off a week between work and school and I like to use that day to study (for arbitrary test...
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    Thanksgiving Day. Just Give 'er!

    I remember last year I stocked up bro! I'm pretty sure I only paid about 1/3 of retail. Hope you have a great thanksgiving boss!
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    'tequila Of Marijuana': Cannabis Drug (what Took So Long?)

    Shatter makes me very violent I tell ya. After I take a big hit of that shatter I put on country music and beat my wife.
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    Black Marijuana??!!? Huh?

    Part of the black leaf society!
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    Seattle's Post-marijuana Legalization Crime Wave

    Did you read what I wrote? Not understand me? Or just wanting to make a political dig at me? Im thinking the latter. Anyways the farm isn't a place for politics so have a good one.
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    Seattle's Post-marijuana Legalization Crime Wave

    Correlation does not equal causation! That is coming from a right winger ;)
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