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    Sex slave held captive on pot farm!

    oops sorry seamaiden didn't see you already posted this
  2. 420Gator

    Sex slave held captive on pot farm!

    A missing Los Angeles teenager was sexually assaulted, kept in a metal box and forced to process marijuana for her two captors, according to a federal criminal complaint filed this week.,0,2660533.story
  3. 420Gator

    whats 20 lbs of good trim worth?

    I been searching BT and it looks like the avg around here is 100 per so 20 at a time im thinking 15 for all
  4. 420Gator

    whats 20 lbs of good trim worth?

    no way, lol
  5. 420Gator

    Well, I was robbed today...

    PM me bro I might be able to help you out
  6. 420Gator

    whats 20 lbs of good trim worth?

    for me the work/donation ratio is best to just keif it all so Im just tryin to get a ballpark figure on the trim
  7. 420Gator

    whats 20 lbs of good trim worth?

    one of my associates is gonna let me barrow his pollinator and were gonna negotiate on 20 Ps of trim he wants to get rid of. what would you pay if its all frosty water leaves??? I don't wanna overpay and I don't wanna insult him with an absurdly low price either. he claims he gets over 9 zips of...
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    granny busted with 10 Ps and $130k

    Atlanta woman Norma Cheren, 79, was supposed to have hip surgery this week, but that's now unlikely unless she's given a day pass from jail after police say they discovered more than 9 pounds of marijuana in her home. Cheren's arrest warrant says the septuagenarian was seen Thursday night...
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    daughter rats out own parents for growing

    omg what is the world coming to....
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    black women hugging

    Im actually not the hugging type but since its you Ill make an exception. I mean youre probly the first member of this site to give me advice and now youre a mod so what the hell...if the offer is still on the table, Ill take it:shy:
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    black women hugging

    since were "jus sayin" Id rather be hugging these
  12. 420Gator

    black women hugging

    no I just thought the song was funny...guess Im alone, oh well Im gonna listen to it right now doesnt it sound like the pedophile from family guy?
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    Unconventional grows...

  14. 420Gator

    black women hugging

  15. 420Gator

    +1 for the medical movement
  16. 420Gator

    barebulb hedge growing and lanky strains

    awesome work cap
  17. 420Gator

    Trimming seedling tap roots before transplant

  18. 420Gator

    Big Mike Explains pH Perfect

    so chemists think its funny to get math equations wrong??:confused: I dont get it...
  19. 420Gator

    the forum of our enemy for those who would like to know what these cocksuckers are up to
  20. 420Gator

    had no idea private islands were so affordable

    only if you bring 2 women
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