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  1. Freshone

    Wanted Caterpillar

    Get a wooden shish kebab skewer and start picking those off,they are out at dawn and dusk.They are eating your buds from the inside and shitting which causes budrot and no amount of washing will help with that.Spray with BT as advised at dusk,also you can throw cheesecloth over them to keep the...
  2. Freshone

    San Diego area seeds...

    Ive been ordering seeds since WAY before it was legal in my state,Ohnestly i think its safer to order online then to pick up in person.
  3. Freshone

    Diy Auto Curing System

    I live in the same type atmosphere as you and i need a dehuey in my room when its full of drying plants,your dry room either leaks like a sieve or you dont have enough plants hanging.
  4. Freshone

    Setting Up New Room. Can A 3 Ton Mini Split Cool 9 Nanolux De Lights?

    You need 4-6000 btus PER 1000 watts,4000 in winter and 6000 in the heat of summer.You could just turn off a couple lights in summer and make the 3 ton work.
  5. Freshone

    Any Plumbing Whiz Kids Here?

    PEX is about as easy as it gets.
  6. Freshone

    Hlg-550 V2 Clone

    Id worry more about the cheap ass fake diodes more than the HLG driver,Buy cheap and buy often!
  7. Freshone

    Ever Heard Of 40-50% Thc Strains?

    The Sheriff sits in his office while the deputies dodge bullets and do the arrestin,this aint logics first rodeo,lol.
  8. Freshone

    Ever Heard Of 40-50% Thc Strains?

    You know what rules were made for right?lol.
  9. Freshone

    What Every Smoker Needs?

    If you dont clean up your act we'll have to make you a mod again then you will be forced to conform and tow the line!
  10. Freshone

    Would You Live And Grow In A Place Where You Found Mold In The Attic?

    Its not only cold attics being vented into either,the one I had to deal with was in palm springs,lol.
  11. Freshone

    Would You Live And Grow In A Place Where You Found Mold In The Attic?

    Thats a nightmare and the only way to mitigate is rip it out,please dont live there if you have children. Was your buddy growing there and exhausting into the attic?I had renters that did that and it cost me 15gs without labor to rip off the decking,reroof and replace moldy drywall.They will...
  12. Freshone

    Best Par Meter ?

    You can download a LUX app to your smartphone for free and then there is a simple calculation you do to find PAR,something like divide the lux by 68 to find par.Steven from HLG says it pretty damn close to the most expensive par meters.
  13. Freshone

    Working At A Dispensary

    Everyone i know pays by the pound now in the states and i know thats true for my buddies OP up in vancouver BC also.Some people trim fast as hell and others take all day to trim a few ounces so if you pay hourly how is that fair?We just had this conversation the other day and it seems going...
  14. Freshone

    Just Checking To See Who Is Still Here

    The names change but alot of us are still here ned,Havent talked to M in awhile,sorry to hear about your troubles.
  15. Freshone

    Hey Ohh!!!!

    I logged in just to say i told you so!lol.
  16. Freshone

    Sun System 315 Supplemental Lighting For 4x4 Flower

    Id say another 315 is your best bet over a 4x4.
  17. Freshone

    Dealing With Investors Who Have No Clue / Need To Vent

    Your "friend" only has one person to blame and thats himself,He should just walk away,the plants will die on their own. As for the weedburner he should be very careful or it could end up shoved up his ass sideways,Its one thing to walk away and another to destroy property that is not yours.
  18. Freshone

    Water Storage.

    I used the 110 gal cone bottom chemtainers when i had a bigger grow,still have a couple,but its hard to beat a rubbermaid brute with the dolly for the money in most small grows.
  19. Freshone

    This Be How Dirbag Do...

    Stick with OSB and kilz flat white and you will be happier than the FRP,Ive done it both ways.You may also benefit from some adjustawing reflectors over those parabolics,been there also. Nice job!
  20. Freshone

    Agsil16h Or Grow-sil

    Agsil 16 is the way to go,5 lbs 60 bucks from buildasoil,this is what real farmers have been using for years.There is no secret to silica,I remember OSA when they were a sponsor here spewing their BS and selling 5 gallons for 4000 dollars or something like that,wish i was in on that scam.
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