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    Soundproof Box For Hyper Fan??

    I've never used one, but I'm sure you can find a review on them if ya search or youtube it. Hyper fans are already pretty quiet, how silent did ya need the thing?
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    Soundproof Box For Hyper Fan??

    They sell Hyper Fan Mufflers Google it up
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    Total Beginner Question Ppm / Watering / Feeding

    Also ppm your water before adding nutes and subtract that number so your getting actual ppm. The lower the ppm the less nutrients the higher the more nutrients, MJ rarely ever goes above 1500ppm and that gal would be one hungry bitch,lol
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    Roots Organic

    Hot Soil is when you mix, has too much ferts and the alkaline is off and it's literally to "Hot" for your plants and they get burned and/or die
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    Roots Organic

    Using Reg. Water. Just got some sample of Soul Syth. and have not had any issue with my gals looking like they want to jump off a cliff. My conclusion is only use Roots Organic for Soil only!
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    Roots Organic

    Roots Organic is causing me crazy PH fluc that I can't keep under control, I should of went Soul since I'm using Coco didn't know any better and listened to the garden store owner and now I'm trying to save my plants from dying and losing my garden.
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    Pura Vida in coco??

    It's good stuff, check my thread and you'll see my T5 micro grow, using some pure vida, thrive alive b1 and some blackstrap molasses and that's it.
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    Let's swim with the fishes!

    Tossing up a quick update since I'm not always around these neck of the woods. I lost my Shishkaberry mom, I was having major budding issues with her in 25 hrs of light and when I checked her roots she had some crazy insect eggs laying in and all around the roots, so I tried saving her and it...
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    Green Lantern's Lemon Thai indy dom clone

    I've grown my far share of Lemon Thai and LT crosses, you will not be disappointed my friend, it will be a great keeper in the garden and to use with crosses, consider yourself lucky!
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    Let's swim with the fishes!

    Oh, no update for a very long time, just chiming in here and seeing where the action is. Just a quick update since I kinda left this thread a drift and abandoned for a bit. The New Wave 4bulb 2Ft T5 is still up and kicking, I haven't added any additional lights yet I'm thinking about picking...
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    Let's swim with the fishes!

    Ok, guys and gals lets grab out poles and tackle boxes, some bait and see what we can catch. Yea, I know it's a man made pond but it's better than nothing and helps the time past. I caught me two fishes one of them Jammy Jane and the other is Sour Banana OG Kush. Both are about 31 days...
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    Welcome all trolls!

    Mark great to see you here, I agree, I've been over at CW since day one, and it's just gone to shit, wonder why all the breeders disappear over there. This place is pretty troll free, if you ask me. There's alot of great farmers here!
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    70w Hps hotter than??

    Thanks for the replies guys, the T-5 puts out 16,000 lumens and I came across a 150w hps and that puts out the same amount of lumens so it looks like the T-5 is the way to go.
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    Old hippie in a new age

    Welcome Chef, can't wait to see what you will share with us!
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    Sup all.. New Guy here Rushoe.

    Welcome to the farm!
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    70w Hps hotter than??

    K, folks quick question which is hotter running a 70w hps or a T-5 2foot 8bulb? I know some of you should be able to give m your inputs. I'm thinking about upgrading to either but need to decide which will be most efficient in my 2.5ft wx2ftwx3fth and won't throw my temps up past 85 degrees...
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    elite gen strawberry diesel

    I haven't grown that but use to grow out alot of gear for him and like the others once you see some amber trichs thats the checkered flag waving in the air....
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    Jack Griffin is here

    Welcome those where the days of $15 pks where have those days gone who knows... If you check out the bay, there are some great genetics I know you'll find..
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    Eddy Lepp Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison

    I can't believe what I just read, that is some fucked up shit. It's sad how the law works against people who are caring and want to take care of the sick. When is the gov't gonna realize we will overgrow the gov't no matter what they try to do...
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    New to the site, old to the scene

    Welcome there's alot of good people here!
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