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    HumboldtLocals Outdoor 2010

    damn what happened to these guys i was really looking forward to this years garden. Bummer.
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    Yellowing and limp leaves with H&G

    You have the beginning stages of Mg Def. Using the tap water usually helps this but the coco tends to screw with the ph which in turns locks out the Mg. CalMg or I use Epsom salts with all new coco. you can also foliar to correct immediately. Peace B
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    Trees are for fun not for effiency

    is this logged somewhere. 7 days and u pull what.? .
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    First Time DIY UC

    7 P's! hmmm you mean wet right?
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    Yellow leaves, aphids, gnats...need help.

    yea i know maiden but if no one has said anything maybe he still has the same practice. $.02
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    Yellow leaves, aphids, gnats...need help.

    can you please not move any of that in my neighborhood?
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    Bugs in new coco!

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    15 gallon buckets w/ cocco

    Is there a journal of these monster trees? I hate a MF telling everyone how to improve thier shit and can never show a reasonable example. Not that your lying, but .....
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    power box dpc 7500

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    Air Pots for Cannabis plants(new craze)

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    Air Pots for Cannabis plants(new craze)

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    anyone change the HG coco feeding amount?

    we run 7ml up to week 3-4 for a week and water for 10 days. Looks great!
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    jumping microscopic bugs

    actually I've heard that those particular springtails are great for soil. Esp is you recycle coco. They eat decaying matter and release bene bacteria in their poop. I've got some Kens GDP in some recoco, and the ones with the healthy numbers look best, (not infestation numbers but a few.) my...
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    Pics of Chemdawg#4 x Sour Diesel

    how long do you let it go?
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    How to kill your thrips!

    I don't know if I want to smoke aluminum...
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    Side Show Bingi's Krusty Extravaganza

    ..... busted
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    Doubleds logged in today!!!

    not cool getting the guy banned.
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    Doubleds logged in today!!!

    lol, And we used to bust your balls for your insight(splchk) JK,......much respect brother
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    Grower to Caregiver transactions ~and~ "the gray area"

    Sac! no way
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