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  1. JSH1973

    Giveaway - Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light

    I think I'm as in as I can be :-) Good luck everyone 😁
  2. JSH1973

    For Sale For sale lights Hlg/mars hydro/viparspectra

    Nice items, shame you are in the US :-)
  3. JSH1973

    Not a very good pic but wtf

    Resin? Hopefully it means she will be sticky as fuck and potent as hell :-)
  4. JSH1973

    Trichome?? Close up, please help ID

    Can't really tell anything from those pictures but it's most likely just trichomes forming
  5. JSH1973

    Only fair to share

    Congrats on the good health results and happiness in the private life. I'm guessing that if you have been to Denmark that you know about Christiania?
  6. JSH1973

    Problems with slow growth, please help

    Yes I water to at least 20% run off every single time, I've done that since day one as I'm new to growing as well so I am playing it as safe as I possibly can.
  7. JSH1973

    Problems with slow growth, please help

    Stop treating the coco like soil and water it lots more, obviously you need to use nutrients in every single watering as well, never let Coco go even half dry, those plants will most likely perk right up with proper water and nutrients. Algae is not a problem, it really just means that you have...
  8. JSH1973

    Got a new trim bin wat r y'all's thoughts...

    They seem to be the best quality ones but they're pricy here, 80 Pounds/Euros
  9. JSH1973

    Opinions on my first grow so far

    Looks really nice, well done
  10. JSH1973


    If it's your first coco grow maybe it would be an idea to start with simpler liquid nutrients, I'm only finishing my first grow (week 14 now) and I have used Canna nutrients with great success, they cost a bit more than most other brands but to me it has been worth it.
  11. JSH1973

    Giveaway - Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light

    Ireland Thanks SpiderFarmer for the chance to win, it would be nice :-)
  12. JSH1973

    Big white nipples on

    I just want to know if you get extra hammered from smoking it :-)
  13. JSH1973

    Recommended Auto Strains tolerant of high heat and/or light?

    I am just finishing up a grow of Northern Lights x Big Buds Auto that have been on 24/0 light schedule their whole life, using two Mars TS1000 in a 2x4x6 tent running at 100% since seedling stage which I kept at 75% around 10-14 days from seed. Temperature wise they have enjoyed anything from...
  14. JSH1973

    What do you guys think of Air pots instead of fabric pots......

    I'll be using those for my next grow as well, using canvas pots now and they're fine but the air pots I'm hoping to get same results but using 1/3 smaller pots and they're a little more flexible for moving around.
  15. JSH1973

    Are these pre seeds/bananas?

    Probably Calyxes you see
  16. JSH1973

    I Like Big Buds and I Cannot Lie! Indoor growers: Let's see your biggest buds.

    One of the first chops from my first grow :-)
  17. JSH1973

    Any way i can make more triacombs

    You could try and dance the Trichome dance for your plants every evening :-)
  18. JSH1973

    For Sale Packs for sale, Thugpug, Exotic, Seedjunky, Archive, Gage, Rado etc

    I guess we can safely write off the money at this stage.... :-(
  19. JSH1973

    Making a smoothie out of my fan leafs!

    It will taste like shit...
  20. JSH1973

    Wanted Defoliate question

    Don't worry about the height, it will come quicker than you think, very nice strong looking plant you have there.
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