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    10X10 SOG Tentgrow

    Sick grow bro! Hope ya get even BETTER yields this grow. Sick tent by the way, love at first sight.
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    Moroccan Gold Outdoor

    Looks like the babies are startin to shoot, my lil babies all grown up.. they'll leave home soon... and into a glass jar :D I'll post some pics up in a few days, gonna let them grow a bit more, so you all can see the difference :)
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    Iranian autoflower (outdoor 2010)

    She's lookin good!! :)
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    Wild Brazillian Girls

    How about Mary & Joanna, if they were males you could call them Mario & Joseph.. but nobody wants to kill something with a name ;). Hola chica signorita xD!!
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    Moroccan Gold Outdoor

    The babies during sleeping!! :) Top right seems to be preflowering? :( Second photo as well.
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    Baby Bio Nutrients

    just into, yes.
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    Moroccan Gold Outdoor

    thats.... really weird. Me & a friend assembled a light today, its UV though, cause we couldnt find MH/HPS anywhere & we didn't think about CF lights. Its a black light, read everywhere that it wont work.. but hopefully it will.
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    100W lighting, 3 plants.

    No matter where I went, I couldn't find HIDs, actually quite a few people laughed and gave me a look like "are you serious?".. so I bought a 10W UV light. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
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    100W lighting, 3 plants.

    If only I didn't live on a small rock in europe. I wouldn't even have been asking this question.. >.< Oh well, if I dont find them the sun will have to do!
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    100W lighting, 3 plants.

    what kinda shop sells HPS/MH lights, I dunno where to look for em and considering this small little rock I live on, it'll be that much harder to find them for me.
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    100W lighting, 3 plants.

    100W lighting, 3 plants, good? I want to have my babies inside for the next few days, since its meant to be cloudy & a bit rainy and was wondering if a 100W UV light would suffice? If so how far should I keep the light away from them? They're around 3 weeks old, going strong & healthy...
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    Coffee, Chem and Kush

    Its looking exceptionally delicious man! Keep up the work, keep it real! ;)
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    Moroccan Gold Outdoor

    Oh god.. you're me, just somewhere else. Acid,Salvia,Weed, that is where its at. (DMT too but thats for later). I was addicted to mephedrone & coke for a while, but not anymore, realised its dumb!! I'm called the hippie farmah cause I'm gonna have my own farm soon (I'm only 18 >.>) and...
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    Moroccan Gold Outdoor

    I dont have UV lights to be using, currently down on money alot, the PH is great, those leaves, were the first set of leaves to grow, I plucked them off today just in case it was mould/disease. Thanks for the comments & best of luck to you too! (by the way I love your username, i call...
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    WTF was That!!!!! a bug in my scope!!!!

    This made me laugh so hard & yeah I agree with lost, stick him in a bowl and torch him. Him & His friends wont stick around much longer.
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    First Outdoor Grow (WhiteWidow)

    A friend of mine who grows outdoors, suggested that you get plastic 5gal pots, cut off the bottoms and put them into the holes, then put your seeds into those pots, but I'm not sure, I'd wait for the more experienced users to help you with this. :)
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    Moroccan Gold Outdoor

    Mmmm.. camera isn't available at the moment, but It seems that the one to the left of the first picture is developing white hairs, though I may be wrong. If it isn't white hairs I'm not sure what they are, but if they are, wewt, thats 1 female so far, still gotta find out about the others!
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    Round 2 Progress not Perfection

    FAPFAPFAPFAPFAP nice bud porn.
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    400watt hps, ebb and flow, 7 strains.

    Omnomnom. She still looks hella smexy.
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    Moroccan Gold Outdoor

    Here are my babies, they're 2 - 3 weeks old, from seed, straight to soil. Here they are, dancin in the sunshine. Enjoy the baby pron, I'll update once there is a good amount of growth that can actually be noticed :P
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