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    how can you call this "oil"?

    The quality of this extraction is eye candy, Fdd2blk. Cool pics! Same concept, ALT, but I guess they used alcohol instead of butane back in the day :happy: Greetings, Random
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    Sólo tienes que decir "patata"!!!

    Hey, Amsterdammer: If you need some good translations/editions, check As they say, "For killer translations, choose Mamiko!" :p Hope it helps, Random
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    how good are your lungs?

    25:1 If 73 µ means between 73 and 120 µ, about 25 grams of carefully selected starting material are needed for every gram of the best quality product in the first run. Therefore, 40 gr would be necessary to get 1.63 gr of full melt resin in the 73-120 µ range. This translates to something...
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    No More Censorship :)

    Yes, indeed! All the best, Random
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    old raco

    Nice to see you around, Raco :happy: Random
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    Salute from Random00

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! Right on, my friend :laugh: Sounds really tempting! Greetings, Random
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    Salute from Random00

    Greetings from southern latitudes, and best wishes for the new site! :cool: Random
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    Marijuana exempt from smoking ban

    Absolutely! If there is a general observance of this rule, the change would be considered as a real advancement for the Cannabis culture; a step forward on the appreciation of truly good Cannabis, whether herbal or concentrated. Greetings, Random
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