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  1. urbanite420

    My New Strains

    Where’d you get the highland Mexican F3?
  2. urbanite420

    Collectively Considerate Conversation Containing Cali Connection Content

    I grew out a bunch of gear as well and i didn't get Hermes or auto flower plants either...what I did find was a kickass lavender like pheno of chem valley kush. I found a decent Raskal OG that was actually pretty greasy but not quite keeper material. The Alien OG was pretty nice. I couldn't find...
  3. urbanite420

    First grow Tahoe OG!

    Thrips holmes...easy fix. get Caps bennies and you will be on your way to success!
  4. urbanite420

    Who's left in the Loompa Challenge and what are you running?

    Sorry homes but i have to drop out of this one...all my kiddos died when i transferred them outdoors. i am assuming that a rabbit ate a bunch of my plants as well as some of my other prized plants were eaten to the nub as well. i still have more beans but i have other projects i want to...
  5. urbanite420

    Seed Junkie Seeds

    wattup homie. Things are always crazy busy around me...that's why i forgot to hit you back after you bad bro. dude i was kinda bummed cuz i went to take my camera out for some pics and i realized the battery doesn't hold any charge whatsoever. so no pics of the kiwi alien bubba for...
  6. urbanite420

    Seed Junkie Seeds

    can you double like pics??? lol another stupid late congrats! there sure are some major flame genetics in these beans. cany wait to pop mine. finally got to finish my kiwi alien bubba and i think i found a keeper. once she reveges ill fish through the f2's and ibl the keeper for the pretty pink...
  7. urbanite420

    PDawg-information needed

    Sorry to all for the lack of posts but the home life is a bit crazy right now. Seems that every time i get a fresh new start to go well, all this drama pops up...anyways... Pdawg was a beast in my garden. thanks to the homie @Organicyumyum (yo hit me up mang!) via another fellow farmer, i had...
  8. urbanite420

    Foo dog F3 vs. Yeti F3 LHB Pheno please stand up!

    long enough to take a few cuts and root them. then they go outside...i figure about a month. that will let me finish this run and then i can flower these moondawgies outdoor. space is really limited now that lil bro is living wih us, leaving me with only veg space indoor. only one didnt pop...
  9. urbanite420

    Foo dog F3 vs. Yeti F3 LHB Pheno please stand up!

    Pop! I think thats most of them... maybe 2 or 3 still need a day or two. cheers
  10. urbanite420

    Foo dog F3 vs. Yeti F3 LHB Pheno please stand up!

    Wattup @justblazen , returned home from my road trip to find 20 Moondawg F2s in the fridge! Thanks to my lil sis they didnt fry in the mailbox...hopefully... but here i dropped 14 of them in Oasis cubes. one thing to note is that i noticed a high degree of variability in the seed morphologies...
  11. urbanite420

    Foo dog F3 vs. Yeti F3 LHB Pheno please stand up!

    Ive always liked the Bloom silica...its the most concentrated silica on the market. I use it as part of my base water along with cal-mag. approximately 1:2:8 ratio of silica: pH down:CalMag to get around pH 6.4 in RO. something like every other res or every third res fill will get micros to...
  12. urbanite420

    Stardawg (Chem 4 x Tres Dawg)

    shit im fuckin up not getting back to my Topdawg gear. had some great plants in the past...never able to keep them due to various factors but when i get back on that train its for life!
  13. urbanite420

    ONYCD (Chem '91 x Tres Dawg)

    Damn bro, JJ said he couldnt find a keeper of this cross... looks like you sure did!
  14. urbanite420

    Tre OG (Tahoe OG x Tres Dawg)

    OMG im in love with this cross just by seeing it! @Green Dot bravo! Excellent grow. Dont know how i missed this thread. i was wondering when this cross would, if ever come out. my fav OG hit with the amazing Tres. guess i better stop sleeping!
  15. urbanite420

    COMPETITION!!! Loompa's Challenge

    Hell yeah that Silver Bubster should be sold out, it sounds like a mega dank cross...Maybe thats cuz Im really a kush man at heart. @justblazen yeah bro, I busted out "Old Red" last night, She was a lil gunky but nothin soap and a scrubber couldn't take of. hmmm...curious if I need to bless...
  16. urbanite420

    COMPETITION!!! Loompa's Challenge

    glad to be back...i was startin to go crazy not having a garden! my own tester beans grown outdoors helped me through as therapy that Jacks shit is on point for sure! i was almost considering making the switch to hydro/rockwool cuz these nutes, when mixed right, come out almost at the...
  17. urbanite420

    COMPETITION!!! Loompa's Challenge

    Its funny i suggested our community do a "commumity breeding" project months ago, right at the time the whole Alien genetics thing got out of hand. Great to see it finally happening!
  18. urbanite420

    COMPETITION!!! Loompa's Challenge

    Hello my peeps! Im gonna throw my hat in this one now that the homie JB is gifting me some beans for this. This is epic shit right here! @loompa allow to introduce myself, my closest friends just call me not sure what number contestant i am cuz no one has followed the format you set....
  19. urbanite420

    Just a little Sativa tease from the true goddesses

    wattup bro, thanks for the tag. the Viet black beans are actually Vietnam Black x NL#5 F2s from Billygoats F1 stock. i have another VB/NL5 cross and that was pollinated by breeder steves SweetSkunk/old school Bluberry from Chimera. In other words VB/NL5 x Sweetskunk/blueberry. some very...
  20. urbanite420

    my baby seedling is sick

    a pH of 6.08 is a bit low, try to get your run off between 6.4-6.8 is what i would suggest. havent read all the posts but if you are in soil and watering with RO, add some Cal-Mag, those orange spots are calcium deficiency. do you see any pests??? thrips, among other pests, can make your...
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