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  1. Matthewstever

    Lets see your 2020 Outdoor Plants!

    These are my purple punch bx2 from seed. Germinated Feb. 20th and grew them indoors 12/12 from the start. Saved a male, pollinated, and had seeds on 12" tall plants at the end of April. Put them outdoors may 1 to reveg. Pic was about a week ago. There are 6' tall branches in there, most are...
  2. Matthewstever

    Need advice on adjusting lights for a indoor/outdoor grow.

    My humble opinion says....and what I'm doing because I messed up my timing... Switch them to 12/12 and let them start flowering. Can't be avoided, they're trying to flower anyway... When the weather is good, put them outside. They'll have to take time to reveg...but you'll be increasing their...
  3. Matthewstever

    promoting root growth

    Could be staining from the nutes...but keep your eye on roots end up a cream.colored...
  4. Matthewstever

    Hi All!

    Just the single fixture should be ok at 24"...but the plant will let you'll see it reaching...
  5. Matthewstever

    Hi All!

    I was going to mention raising the lights a tad... Also, with the twisting...could be nothing, could be pH...maybe try getting it down to 6.0....but...could also be a sign of mites if they start looking twisty and "dry".... Check out some pics...
  6. Matthewstever

    Hi All!

    For soil the 6.5 should be ok...if all else is healthy, just keep an eye on it..
  7. Matthewstever

    Hi All!

    Welcome, Jenifer. The twisting makes me think your pH is off....
  8. Matthewstever

    Hello there,

  9. Matthewstever

    First week:1/2 light controller wrong cycle , fucked or no big deal?

    Shouldn't hurt them.
  10. Matthewstever

    promoting root growth

    If the plants are growing well, the amount of roots is just right. Bout the middle of flower is when I start getting root clogs...
  11. Matthewstever


    If that's all ya got, pluck the male bits off and let her go....otherwise, yeah, nanners at every node is a bad sign...
  12. Matthewstever

    upper neck spinal stenosis, getting headaches with high thc strains

    Are you getting commercial dispensary product for her? I've seen quite a bit of product in the shops here that was obviously harvested early....this can cause headaches... I also find that strains with even 20 or 30% sativa in them are not useful to me for pain relief... 6 fused Verts and 16...
  13. Matthewstever

    Reoccuring issues with Hermaphrodite plants mid flower

    I'm leaning toward stress...seems a pattern if only the ones at the outer edges of the space are turning. Bad genetics would herm anywhere in the space. Could be a temperature issue..hard to say...
  14. Matthewstever

    Making CO2 with Yeast

    I use baking soda and vinegar. I put the vinegar in an IV bag and let it drip/ run into a shallow pan of baking soda. I only do it once a week tho for a little boost. Wouldn't be practical for daily tho...
  15. Matthewstever

    Sick plants?

    Raise your light a bit...sorry I'm not familiar with autos, so I don't know if you can, but I'd drop the schedule to 20/4 as well...she looks like she needs a break...
  16. Matthewstever

    Topping side branches

    Once they recover and you have all them branches, tie them.down and spread them.out so that:1. You get better light and air to the middle of the plant, and, 2. Tie so all the budding tops are at the same height. This breaks the apical dominance of the main stem and turns all those side branches...
  17. Matthewstever

    My runoff PH is always too high

    I'd raise the lights a bit while they recover. I run my LEDs almost 4" up, 1200 watts covering a 5'x6'.space.
  18. Matthewstever

    Is 64 degree rez temp to cold?

    It's a tad cold...I run my chiller at 67°f and it slows my growth a little.. been told 69 or 70 would be better..but the upside is way less chance of root rot.
  19. Matthewstever

    Can some one help me identify the problem with my seedlings

    Yep. Too wet...and too soon for food...
  20. Matthewstever

    Trying to boost quality - any additives that will significantly help?

    If you aren't supplementing your UVB light, I'd highly recommend it. There are actual studies you can find from a couple horticulture colleges that show it can increase thc levels by up to 30% depending on genetics. My own observations...way more frost when I started using it, and I get a lot of...
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