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    A 6" or 8" fan for this setup....diagram included.

    Hey farmers! I've always ran A/C in my rooms, but this new room needs a bit more stealth. So I've designed a somewhat different system than I'm used to. My issue is since I'm not used to running aircooled reflectors, I have no real experience with centrifugal fans. So how much heat can "x"...
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    The Outdoor Reference Thread

    Hey farmers! I'm starting this thread in hopes that other farmers will not have to seek this info elsewhere. Please refrain from posting any responses until I am finished. I'll let y'all know when. This is only to keep from interrupting the flow of the reference material. If you have any...
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    What percentage of Phosphorus do you like?

    What up farmers?!? This thread is being made to sort out some opinions and the reason it's in this forum is because there is a specific question behind it. I'm looking to change nutes. Currently I use Earth Juice. They work great. However, I'm a bit tired of mixing all the ingredients...
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    Polyploidy question.

    Hey fellers, I have a plant in my garden that is exibiting an odd growth pattern. At each node, there are four leaf stems coming out from the main stem. They aren't in perfect alignment, but they are all there within 1/4" of each other. My question is, can one tell whether a plant is a...
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    Camo grow bags

    I don't know if these are truly new, or just new to me, but check these out. I plan on buying plenty this spring.
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    Why you need a fire extinguisher

    We had a grease fire and I burned the shit out of my hand. This is why you need a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.. You can't see it in the pictures, but my fingers are wrinkled.
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    Does an S1 show .....

    Hey guys and gals. I have a question that some of you may be able to shed some light on. If one were to decide he has a female plant that "might" be a good P1 but isn't sure which traits are dominant, would selfing that plant provide any usable measure of which traits would be dominant vs...
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    Insane in the Membrane

    Yo Farmers!!! How are ya? This grow log is titled Insane in the Membrane because I probably am a bit off my rocker here. I am going to attempt something that I, myself, have not seen done in a grow log. I'm gonna run two almost pure sativas in a cabinet under fluoro's!!hehe Now, I totally...
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    Privacy/Security is only relative

    I found this after researching for most of the day. It's a long read, but if this guy is correct, there is no such thing as becoming invisible on the internet. Most know this, but some do not. Personally, I would just like to look like someone else, not necessarily attempt to be invisible. But...
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    Favorite ferts for guerrilla style?

    Hi guys and gals. Just wanted to get some feedback on the preferred ferts for guerrilla style grows. I haven't done outdoor since I was a kid helping the 'ole man, so needless to say, I might as well be considered an outdoor noob. Anyhow, I'll be using the Earth Juice line, with Grotek's...
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    Whatz Happnin?

    Hey all! A friend told me that I'd prolly dig it here, so here we go...... Looks like a cool place so far. Props to those involved with the design of the site. 'Bout me.....I've been growing indoors for a couple years now, I guess. Coco is my medium of choice. However, I'm open-minded enough...
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