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  1. Mr.Juice

    Looking to make canna oil in a slower cooker

    If you started with dry material first and decarbed in the oven, you won’t get the “green” flavour. Using fresh bud/trim will also add water from the moisture in the plant. Not a huge deal if you are going to use/consume in a relatively short time. I make a lot of balms, creams and shit like...
  2. Mr.Juice

    Looking to make canna oil in a slower cooker

    If you decarb it first, then there is no need to spend that length of time in a slow cooker. You would potentially decrease the strength from prolonged exposure to heat. Decarb it in an oven, infuse it for 20-30 min, strain and then done. If you want to use a slow cooker then you would be...
  3. Mr.Juice

    I seriously need help sprouting ...

    I just sprouted these 3 days ago
  4. Mr.Juice

    I seriously need help sprouting ...

    When the taproot sprouts, wait until it it’s long enough to “hook”. When you plant, ensure the hook is pointing downward. If it’s pointing up then it needs to spend more energy to grow back down again. If the medium is too wet in this phase you will have greater risk of it not making it.
  5. Mr.Juice

    Infrared laser thermometers - weed leaf emissivity

    Been thinking about picking up one. Was just wondering, can’t seem to find easily, what is the emissivity value for a weed leaf? Any out there that use one of these know? Thanks
  6. Mr.Juice

    Starting a new grow room

    I think it’s ready to go. A little shy of 8x8, 60” ceiling Two 2000w COB LEDs, about 800w actual 20 pint dehumidifier Inkbird temp and humidity controllers instead of the inkbird temp controller turning on an AC unit, I have it connected to an additional 4” in-line fan. Will see how that...
  7. Mr.Juice

    How far do i put the lights

    The best way would be to get yourself a light sensor to measure what the canopy is getting. Or a temperature meter to measure the temp of canopy leaves. Put the back of your hand at canopy height and hold it there for 30s-1 min. If it feels uncomfortable then raise and try again. To tell if...
  8. Mr.Juice

    Just curious on some idea to do with keif

    Decarbing turns the non psychoactive THCa (the acid form) into THC which is the psychoactive component. (Decarboxylated form) Using oils or alcohol are methods to extract the THC. To separate from the plant matter. Brain does not require fats to process. You can decarb bud and eat it if you...
  9. Mr.Juice

    what could i add to my feeding for a better plant /yield

    Focus on the environmental conditions. Light level, spectrum, temp, soil microbes etc. That is what will get you there. A plant can’t perform if the growing conditions aren’t there no matter what you add to it.
  10. Mr.Juice

    Chlorophyll my observations and experiences

    To me it just seems your adding an extra step that you don’t have to. Do it without and I bet you’d prefer it that way. I don’t do long cooking methods either, you can get a degradation of content as well. I follow temp/time chart.
  11. Mr.Juice

    Chlorophyll my observations and experiences

    I’d say skip the water. You’re not gaining anything by using it, just put directly into carrier oil, be it butter or whatever. I make quite a bit of things out of my harvests. The one thing that you do add when using water is drastically reducing shelf life. As long as your consuming fast enough...
  12. Mr.Juice

    Starting a new grow room

    Yeah, I’m thinking so, but won’t be in a “room” will be in an open area. I have my old tents and am making due for the moment ha. Using to dry at the moment.
  13. Mr.Juice

    Starting a new grow room

    Haven’t been on here much lately, figured I’d post what I’ve been up to. Sold my house and bought a new one, decided to make a dedicated grow room. Been busy with new house renovations but finding time to sneak in a little progress here and there It’s 7.5’ x 7.5’ and about 6.5’ tall, licensed...
  14. Mr.Juice

    KNF fermentation, lets have a discussion.

    I’ve looked into using yeast as well Roses are much-prized flowering shrubs with fragrant flowers. Use a "Green" fertilizer to encourage your rose bushes to produce more buds. A mixture of brewer's yeast and water applied to rosebush roots encourages bud formation. To force buds to grow, mix 3...
  15. Mr.Juice

    pro mix

    I’ve been doing something similar to jimster but find you can go a bit more percentagewise with amendments. My recipe 50% promix HP 25% cow manure 25% shellfish compost + worm castings in fabric pots pretty much a set it and forget it, if at any time I see they lighten up and look a little...
  16. Mr.Juice

    Struggling with multiple deficiencies for 3 weeks now. Any help is appreciated!

    I’ve never grown in coco before, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but my first reaction was like holy crap you are hitting them with a ton of shit. 7 different chemicals all mixed together and who knows what kind of interaction is going on there. I don’t know what is in most of that...
  17. Mr.Juice

    am I ok to cut these 2 giant fan leaves off this 2 week old plant?

    I’m not sure if alcohol will do anything off the top of my head. I have a strain that is susceptible to PM, early in veg I use sulfur powder and water as a preventative, don’t think bugs really like it that much either. I mix 10% of 99% isopropyl alcohol to the mix too. Helps with evaporation...
  18. Mr.Juice

    am I ok to cut these 2 giant fan leaves off this 2 week old plant?

    Get yourself two different kinds of insect killers. Be sure to check that the active ingredient is different, not just the brand. You’re in veg to not have to worry about “chemicals”. As a general rule, once flowering no chemicals of any kind. Some people say you can still use up until the first...
  19. Mr.Juice

    am I ok to cut these 2 giant fan leaves off this 2 week old plant?

    The leaves are solar energy collectors to make food for the plant. Why would you want to remove them. They are in vegetative growth, too early to be worried about bud sites. If you are having issues with airflow then removing some is ok as a preventative measure if mold or mildew is a problem...
  20. Mr.Juice

    im getting some free sample seeds

    My very first seeds were from growers choice seeds right before legalization. I got Critical Purple, tangerine dream and gorilla glue. Wanted to order again from them cause I liked what I got. After legalization here in Canada they stopped selling to here. Ordered from some other sites, but had...
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