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    SFV Og Bx2 and Purple og Great outdoors

    Those look real nice. I'm tagging along if you don't mind. Like most of the indoor guys,I wish I could do some outdoor growin' again. Man they're diggin the big halide in the sky. Best of luck to ya...mitsu
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    NY State Heath Commitee Passes MMJ Bill!!

    Ahhh,Finally. NYS needs cash bad. This is gonna sail thru. Maybe a little tweeking here and there but its gonna happen. Patterson's pen is all dipped and ready...mitsu
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    Question about clones with long roots

    Happy= healthy. I would do the same, plant it, let it grow, take some cuts etc...mitsu
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    Question about clones with long roots

    You can do either,as long as the cut is happy it will keep producing roots...mitsu
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    Ph down

    Yea,it doesn't get much cheaper than white vinegar. Thats some shitty tap water,what ppm reading do you get? From a 9 to a 6 or 5.8 is going to take some down to do. Not good! I would try to clean up your water first or find another water supply. Ph down is phosphoric acid, Phosphate is "P"...
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    Male Pre flowers

    You can keep plants in veg forever, as long as the daylight hours are long. If you flower the males out with your ladies your gunna have a shit load of seeded females. If you want to keep the pollen move the males to another grow area. Far from your females. You can collect and store your pollen...
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    Raising female chances

    I've read the 4" thing a while ago,don't remember where. But I've been doing it for years.Haven't compared a smaller cup to the 6" cups I use,just do it out of habit. I've heard the ethylene thing too. Haven't tried it. The way I hear to use it was to put the seeds in a container with the...
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    T5 going to work?

    The amount of space used by the fixture will depend on the Brand T-5 you get. I have one that is only 2" thick,can mount it flush with the ceiling.A 4 bulb 4 foot fixture is plenty strong to clone with,A 2 bulb x 2 foot would do. You can turn two off of the 4 by taking out one bulb causing...
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    hallo Karma Genetics coming on board.....

    Hey Karma:) Good to see you over here!..mitsu
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    Howdy stranger! Hope to see ya at the next 420...
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