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  1. visajoe1

    Smokin Joe's 4x4 1000W Grow

    End of day 50. Fade setting in. Smells like Cake.....and Chem. Anticipating running another 3 weeks at least. We'll see what she tells me. The clone will be fed more heavily throughout flower, 2-3ec.
  2. visajoe1

    Smokin Joe's 4x4 1000W Grow

    Pics with better light. Looking frosty in there, purple fade beginning to show. And the lone survivor clone. Flipped a week ago.
  3. visajoe1

    Smokin Joe's 4x4 1000W Grow

    End of day 45. Dense nugs
  4. visajoe1

    Giveaway - Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light

  5. visajoe1

    Smokin Joe's 4x4 1000W Grow

    This was two days ago, day 35. Added Agromax UVB last weekend. Fade may be on the horizon. I kept one clone, pulled the rest, none had roots. Clipping clones on day 5 after flip is too late apparently, this clone revegged. Probably also contributed to the delay.
  6. visajoe1

    Smokin Joe's 4x4 1000W Grow

    Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best and happy grows. An update before lights on this morning, about a month into flower. Flowers looking on the smaller side, may be related to slight underfeed last couple weeks. She had been getting 1.3-1.8ec and she looks to want more. I'll be upping...
  7. visajoe1

    Live rosin

    I got hot plates off ebay for 135 and a 6 ton bench press from harbor freight for 80. Works like a champ
  8. visajoe1

    Post your favorite mid to late flower P-K booster

    It was ok for the outdoor plants in 2019, but not ok for indoor plants earlier this year. I wouldnt read too much into the difference though, my ec meter wasnt accurate during my grow earlier this year. Pretty sure I fried my girls with the booster because of it. I'm not sure boosters do much...
  9. visajoe1

    No more shop vacuuming up run off

    I drill a small hole in the saucer, drains like a champ into a tub
  10. visajoe1

    Smokin Joe's 4x4 1000W Grow

    17 days since flip, not too stretchy. I coulda filled the whole net and flipped without height issues, noted for next run. Smells a bit like cake and frost began showing a couple days ago. Clones are chugging along slowly, its a few degrees cooler than I'd like for them. Patience. Upgraded...
  11. visajoe1

    what is a good cheap humidifier

    if it has analog controls, yes. Digital, no.
  12. visajoe1


    I think if it was law enforcement and they saw what they were looking for, you would know by now. Assuming this is grow related. They wouldnt want to provide an opportunity for evidence to be destroyed by you or your neighbor, etc. Funny story In college my roommates and I unknowingly helped...
  13. visajoe1

    When should I flip mainlined Kosher Kush to flower?

    Looking good! I ran KK last year, she stretched like crazy too, strong sour smell in flower. She went 81 days. Its the Sativa in her that needs extra time and makes her so stretchy. Keep up the good work
  14. visajoe1

    Need advice for a finicky plant

    overfed and/or locked out
  15. visajoe1

    Bud Ignitor and Bud Factor x or Big Bud and Bud Candy

    None, not needed. Save your cash and get a 1 or 2 part nutrient formula and good genetics. Give her the proper environment, and stay out of her way. Less is more. If first grow, consider running in soil (larger margin for error), read about VPD, and research grow room design. Map out how you...
  16. visajoe1

    Solo Cup Challenge - Inspired by Bean throwing Day

    In what god foresaken part of the world are you not able to locate one 16oz cup? lol Have you checked a convenience store?
  17. visajoe1

    Nutrients what are you using? Need advice here.

    How much do you add to your soil?
  18. visajoe1

    Nutrients what are you using? Need advice here.

    wow 2 tsp/gal is heavy, something like 3ec. tpyically I'm using less than 1 tsp/gal, not more than 1 though.
  19. visajoe1

    Tc2's Indoor Grow Journal - Spider Farmer SF1000, HLG 100, Sun System HPS 150W

    Bummer. That ceramic HPS is only made in 600w version currently. I'll keep my eye out for the 1000w and hope the price comes down by then. Requires the below ballast due to 20 minute warm up, some folks may already have it
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