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  1. cruzin

    indoor 12 12 seed crop for seeds

    no one has any thoughts on this topic?
  2. cruzin

    indoor 12 12 seed crop for seeds

    Im wanting to have a seed crop this winter indoors. I wonder if you will hurt the genetics of the strains that you want to cross? Because I want to use the seeds made in the grow for next years outdoor crop. Any one have knowledge or thoughts on this subject? thanks in advance.
  3. cruzin

    One of my girls grew a sunflower seed in a bud.

    I was trimming a couple weeks back before harvest and found a sunflower seed in a bud. I grew some sunflowers on the end of my garden and I had a bunch of small nut hatch I think birds were harvesting the seeds out of my sunflowers and one of them must have hidden a sunflower seed in a bud for...
  4. cruzin

    generations of clones / best time to cut em

    like to see that 25 year old plant..
  5. cruzin

    Lets create a national holiday

    It will be on Nov.2nd and Im gettting quite a pile of stuff to burn off.
  6. cruzin

    Lets create a national holiday

    Any one else in for the 2nd annual burn off?
  7. cruzin

    First time indoor grow

    I think no topping at this point its in flower. isn't it?
  8. cruzin

    Pollinated 2 two girls today today

    I have 2 plants that started to bud early and I had saved pollen from winter grow and pollinated a branch from both plants today
  9. cruzin

    Dose anyone grow fruit n veg in your back yards .

    what a stud
  10. cruzin

    Grow Journal - A Noobie Diary.

    When you train your plants like you have done and they look great, how many weeks are you vegging?
  11. cruzin

    Would it be a waste to consider planting clover/ companion plants in fresh soil with my seedlings?

    Update on the companion planting. I planted cilantro and marigolds by my plants and I have fewer bugs than my son who I share garden space with. And he planted clover around all of his plants and his plants are nice and green where mine are lighter green and lots of yellowing leaves and he has...
  12. cruzin

    White hairs already

    In the picture you can see its making trikes on the leaves already,
  13. cruzin

    What are you listening to right now?

    Duane Allman and Eric Clapton _ Mean old world
  14. cruzin

    White hairs already

    Here it is
  15. cruzin

    White hairs already

    Ill see if I can get one to the forum.
  16. cruzin

    Picked up clones, what's this??

    Im not seeing a problem here in the mitten. I tried something this year for the first time I planted a marigold and a cilantro plants next to mine and I share my garden space with my son and he did not and I found aphids climbing up his stems and not on mine.
  17. cruzin

    Breeding Question

    Hope you have a winner, I saved pollen also Im going for some seeds as well.
  18. cruzin

    White hairs already

    Have a Pineapple Kush plant that has lots of hairs coming out. May be a early girl.
  19. cruzin

    rainwater ph high

    I think to do it with h202 would be too expensive what about the clorox bleach
  20. cruzin

    rainwater ph high

    We had a big rain this morning and it filled my tank to the overflow and I checked the tanks waters ph and it tested at 7.4 so may be I needed a big batch of fresh water to dilute the previous waters ph. Im going to use some of the water on my garden veggies and keep an eye on it for my favorite...
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