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    First time grower need help with nutes

    I am somewhere in the middle. I use a certain line of nutes, then use their feeding tables to start, starting half strength. Some of these companies have spent a lot to figure this stuff out. The hard part is weeding out the profiteers. Nothing wrong with a profit, but some of these folks are...
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    PPM. How important is it?

    I also do not use a meter, but I know my water inside and out. I am a water/wastewater SME, so I do have an idea how things work. If I was going in with little real knowledge about water chemistry, I probably would. It will shorten your learning curve about YOUR water. After a while you won't...
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    Does fish fertilizer make any difference.

    Here's something to keep in mind: Fish emulsion is just one more way to get the required nutrients our babies like. It's not magic, just one more tool. There are ways around using fish if you don't like the smell, but plants do like it. And it's cheap. RR1
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    What strain should I get?

    I like THC Bomb, by Bomb Genetics. It yields great, high THC, tastes fruity/skunky. And easy to grow. Comes in a fem version. RR1
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    And we're off.. Gorilla grow.

    I'd mother it out, take clones for sog or scrog. It does ok if you can let it get big. And a screen can do that. I just did it in a scrog, yield ok, smokes fantastic. RR1
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    How Truthful Are The Posts On This Site?

    So, no matter how outlandish, now we all know we can play you for a sucker once. ;) RR1
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    Interveinal yellowing - I think a Magnesium Deficiency

    Some strains eat up calcium and magnesium like nobodies business. I always make sure I have an abundance of both. One thing I also do is foliar feed with 1 tsp magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) to 1 gal water, once a week. They sure seem to like it. Do you use a cal/mag product? It's cheap...
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    Not root bound in 5 gallon pots

    The trick to fabric pots is to thoroughly water the whole pot till it drains out the bottom, and only after it gets pretty dry. If you water smaller amounts more often, the whole pot doesn't get wet enough. Roots won't grow where the water don't go. You also need to pack the soil in evenly or it...
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    Think Im at the right place?

    Just wait, it'll come. RR1
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    Another Rookie Looking For Help😂

    You'll be surprised what you will eventually end up with. You have the right attitude, and a curious mind. Too bad you don't have anyone around. That would be a huge help. Guess you'll have to make do with us. RR1
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    So many problems please help

    I saw you put a like on one of my replies, so I know you're paying attention. OK,basics. 1. Medium. Sounds like dirt. When I did dirt, I used Pro-mix. Bought it by the bale. When starting out, do not build a soil yet. Not ready for that. Use plain Pro-Mix in 5 gal fabric pots. Pack it in, water...
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    Learned My Lesson About Ph Adjustment In Organic Soil

    You learned a very important, expensive lesson. If the pH is wrong, it doesn't matter how good, or how many nutrients are there, shit just don't grow. Same with a lawn. You can put on triple 12 till the cows come home if the pH is wrong. RR1
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    Another Rookie Looking For Help😂

    This may sound mean, but it's not meant to. You went and got all the stuff, blah, blah. Did you remember to do your homework? Do you have a green thumb? Do you grow other types of plants, flowers, etc? Those are the kinds of things that help determine what happens next. Buy a book or two on...
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    Plants directly under light vs not

    Because the part of the plants under the lights are using more nutrients. Just like plants under a 1000 use more nutrients than those under a 600. RR1
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    toxicity or deficiency. White widow feminized.

    That is a deficiency. For whatever reason, that looks like Cal/Mag problems. I always put them together, because they often happen together for a couple reasons. 1. Cannabis loves and needs them both. Some plants can't seem to get enough. 2. When you have nutrient lockout probs, they are both...
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    Need help making space and selecting plants

    It doesn't matter about this male or that female, you've only got 4 plants. Not much in the way of choices there. But as far as breeding, you're not there yet. You haven't learned enough about how to even grow healthy plants yet. Walk before you run. Don't get in a hurry, you'll get there. Takes...
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    Need help with seedlings please

    If you are doing seedlings or small clones, you should use something like plain old Pro-Mix, with nothing in it. I don't feed them anything till about 4 leaf sets or so, then very mild. Thats the problem with some of these ready made soils, too hot for babies. If that's the case, gently...
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    Promix soil PH almost 8ph Deficiencies

    Thats why when I did dirt, I used pH 6 water, and made sure to wait till soil was light, then water the shit out of them. Never had pH problems, never had salt build-up. Having a floor drain sure is nice. Good luck, RR1
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    Dificancy trouble please help me .

    Little more info please. How do you grow? What medium? What pH? What nutes? It's all about details. I'll be waiting. RR1
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    Five clones yellowing and cupping eight days old need help

    Sorry, but at this point if possible, I would start over. You'll spend too much time trying to nurse them back to a semblance of health. It's so important for babies to get a good start. My guess is they are light stressed. They don't need much light at this point, they don't tolerate much of it...
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