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  1. PButter

    My Order Went Swell As Usual

    My order went swell as usual but the beans felt a bit late. I got the package a week later than I had expected and inside was a JFK customs form stating why things had been snatched. Boo. I let logic know what had happened and took a photo of the customs sheet and he made right on the order...
  2. PButter

    120v And 240v Electrical Help

    Lollipop is right on the good info
  3. PButter

    120v And 240v Electrical Help

    unless, of course, your room is like most of the us- your wire is too small to adequately handle higher loads associated with bumping your plugs and breaker up to 240v without changing the wires out for higher loads. Don't burn down the house.. change the wire.
  4. PButter


    yeah, like sticky says- ppm low. 5.7pH. and also... it appears like the other leaves not so much in the photo are not doing that- if thats the case, nutes are likely fine but for the upper most foliage... another words, if you have some foliage that is collecting twice as much energy- guess...
  5. PButter

    Black Spotting Mold Killing My Please Help....

    Stem rot? Keeping things too wet? Got pictures and details? PB
  6. PButter

    Confused Bout When To Bloom

    It def makes for different flowers- that being said, don't fux with it just yet. flower your 12inchers and see what kind of cycle you need to be going with. I usually try and get things into flower around two feet for my favorite strain in seven gallons... and that means I need to be getting...
  7. PButter

    Tnelz thread about whatever!

    I've never had a problem with a/c water/ dehuey water in soil BUT I would never trust it in hydro. I think it does get some weird bacteria going on...
  8. PButter

    "always Too Many Plants" Syndrome

    Yeah, I'll start taking clones and working and end up looking for more and more trays... two weeks later I'll try and overload friends with them but they're like- 'No, I said five- not five trays asshole'... It is definitely a big part of the medicine.
  9. PButter

    Re Potting Time

    Well, if you don't pot into sevens you'll never have to get another light, then get more plants, then get bigger pots, more lights, more electricity, less time... You are doing fine, under that lamp you'll have plenty of vegetation from those plants in those pots... But for real- don't...
  10. PButter

    Three Branches/shoot Per Node?

    No, it's special. Just I've also not carried many trifoliates past a round or two. They certainly are prettier, or maybe they just stand out because of the structure... I've just not found the one that knocks my socks off. I hope that you have the one that I want. PB
  11. PButter

    This Type Of Graft/corruption Really Pisses Me Off/ You With Me On This

    Fuck Erik Prince. sorry about your daughter- I know how bad things can get.
  12. PButter

    I Need Help With These Plants Color Questionsquestions

    trying to quote... what happened? don't feed seeds Homies.
  13. PButter

    The United States Government (mj Menu)

    Well, I'm sure we can agree, it's no fun having the machine crap up when you are trying to fill a contract... Hilarity indeed.
  14. PButter

    Three Branches/shoot Per Node?

    More common than you'd think- I've popped less than a thousand and have seen more than twenty...
  15. PButter

    Re Potting Time

    fuck that guy, pot in 7. you'll be happy almost no matter what your potting it with. seven is same height as five but wider. Much better for what we do ninety percent of the time, ninety percent of the strains. PB
  16. PButter

    Re Potting Time

    7 gallon smart pots. Like them much more than fives. Clone into cups, into 1 gallons, into sevens and flower. WOrks great. organic supersoil the whole time...
  17. PButter

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Nope, not proud... but that's frosty right?
  18. PButter

    Storage Question

    CO2 or N sealed in glass is preferred. Cool and dark place.
  19. PButter

    The First Annual QUARTER SACK CLASSIC Disc Golf Tournament

    I basically fell out of internet and had way too much work this year- started about May. I'd like to try and get something going but again with the work all the fucking time... I'll be watching for something to materialize.
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