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    checkin in

    I missed that ! welcome bro :)
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    Cheese S1s

    any news BH ? :)
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    Foire Aux Clones ...

    nan t'as raison, j'avais pas fait le rapprochement, j'avais ça en projet .... mais j'ai pas eu de couilles femelles sur la Bubba donc j'ai laissé tomber .... puis la Blueberry, je ne l'ai plus .... pas trop impressionné ... par contre, j'ai mis à popper hier pour le fun des graines de Sweet...
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    Foire Aux Clones ...

    Bubba Blue ?????? j'ai pas ça en stock lol
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    Cheese S1s

    thanks for the update BH :)
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    Pre 98 bubba kush

    here are Katsu words about his cut pre-98,mint, piurple , katsu .... as long as it is dank, I keep ....
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    ukcheese lst useing bendz

    this thread makes me wanna put into flower my current UK Cheese mom, I've got same wattage've got her greatly dialed ukcheesehead :D got the same "problem" as you, I have to take some clones and root them from the mother before switching her into flower .... good problem isn't it ...
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    Cheese S1s

    said that BH coz when I tried to reverse Bubba Kush clone , had tons of pollen but none viable , surely my CS ppm not right ..... good luck in your project keep us posted
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    Cheese S1s

    BH, do you have viable pollen in the sacks or just balls showin ? thanks for sharing flying
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    just found the place

    nice to see u there Buddy :)
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    Foire Aux Clones ...

    exact :)
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    London Calling

    welcome here FastForward I was in London last week , I love that City :)
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    Salut Les Fermiers

    Mikado c'est Federation Seeds Indoor / Outdoor Predominantly Indica. The Mikado is a quick maturing, large-yielding strain. With a long jagged single leaf pattern. Under 18 hours of light, the stems and leaves are coated with resin. The female plants show hairs making sexing easy. Liked for...
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    Another illicit french grower ^^

    bienvenue :)
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    Nice to funking meet ya :)

    nice to see you there BubbleFunk :) stay safe bro
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    Sensi Zyms Indoor Mix

    hehe Zym, wish you nothing but DANKNESS .... nice line-up .... stay safe mate :)
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    welcome Chimera to THC Farmer :) :thumbs up:
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    good morning

    thank you for the warm welcome friends !!
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    Down on the Farm

    welcome Subby ;)
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    Salut Les Fermiers

    hello les froggies un de plus au bataillon ! je viens de découvrir ce site via un lien sur icmag félicitations à la team , ça m'a l'air bien complet bonnes vibes flying
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