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    Northern California Domestic Terrorists!!

    that was retarded
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    Costs Elderly Woman Her Life and Taxpayers $4.9 Million

    this was in hightimes about two years back.
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    Just got back from the gym..

    somebodies been workin in the yard
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    Bogus police rip off California pot growers

    yes you would,there'd just be more people to rob (also im aware this guy is banned.legalization is a load of crap ,DECRIMINALIZE)
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    private jets, not private enough

    you'd be amazed.bodies ain't light...
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    Being cheap for fun

    I recently aqcuired The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green .It was half price because there was a dent in the cover from shipping.Im just writing this to toot my own horn.Partially.Also because I love to scour the bargain and clearance sections at bookstores for that exact reason.Anyway,it's...
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    Rabbi's presents :The Fabulos Fury Freak Brothers

    It looks like Don Martin meets R.Crumb.Kinda.Cool.
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    What are you listening to right now?

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    Roach Clip or Stinky fingers

    roach clip of theres no filter but it usually goes in the pipe
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    Strains for Musicians

    if you can play this baked im impressed
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    Detecting Female Seeds

    that same picture was posted in this very sub forum sometime last year i believe it was.its funny that somebody could actually put that up on the internet and people will use it as a reliable guide for determining seed sex.i knew a guy who said he went through his seed collection taking out all...
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    Toxo Findings

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    Worst growing advice ever!

    deer crap is high in nitrogen so be sure to leave out lots of feed around your plants
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    List of words you just dont like.

    because its not superfluous.PER SE,it just makes you sound more intelligent to use latin.even though its a dead language.just not dead,PER SE.
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    List of words you just dont like.

    kinky cliche over-rated epic neanderthal(they're frickin cavemen,c'mon) bomb just about any kind of slang that came around inthe last ten years or so,its all one big BUMMER man
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    List of words you just dont like.

    i hate when people say that they hate people but theyre in a group when they do it
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    ooooh what a dumb bitch

    pfftt......okay,i understand that persistance is a BIIIIIG part of alot of things,but I don't see how breaking your fuckin head on a board is productive in any way except for maybe thinning out the herd a little.You could almost turn this into a study of Social Darwinism...
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    ooooh what a dumb bitch

    that actually made me think....
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    ooooh what a dumb bitch

    is that anything like ground beef,cause....i bet it hurt
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    100 yr old hemp grow diary found at grage sale

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