GIY 4 x 2 ft. Basic Grow Kit with VS1000 LED Grow Light
GIY 4 x 2 ft. Basic Grow Kit with VS1000 LED Grow Light
by Vivosun
Kit Includes: 1x VIVOSUN 4x2 Grow Tent, 1x VS1000 LED Grow Light, 1x LED Protection Eyeglasses, 1x 4-Inch 190CFM Inline Duct Fan, 1x 4-Inch Carbon Filter, 1x 4-Inch 8 ft Ducting, 2x 4-Inch Clamps, 1x 7-Day Digital Timer
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  • Overview: Our Basic Grow Tent Kit includes the essential components for you to start growing! It is easy to set up and is an affordable option for new growers.
  • Grow Tent: Our highly reflective Mylar 4x2-foot grow tent is capable of housing 1-2 plants, it is the perfect size to start your growing journey.
  • Grow Light: Our energy efficient VS1000 LED Grow Light is adequate for the 4x2 grow tent and is capable of providing optimized spectral ranges for all stages of a plant’s life cycle.
  • Ventilation: Our powerful and quiet 4-inch ventilation system provides fresh, cool air for your plants while filtering odors from the grow space.
  • Warranty: Our five-year warranty on the grow light and one-year warranty on the rest of the kit show great confidence in our products.
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