Heavy Kickers Mix Seeds
Heavy Kickers Mix Seeds
Herbies Seeds’ Heavy Kickers Mix pack is not for the faint of heart. Each strain in this pack has been selected for its unbelievably high THC content, ranging from 27-33%
Gender Feminized
Flowering Time 55-65 days
  1. Indoor
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Outdoor
Package Size 15
Indica/Sativa MIx
  1. Medium
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Heavy Kickers Mix Information
The Heavy Kickers Mix is ideal for extreme-potency aspirants. Get ready to grow three butt-whooping strains: Godzilla Glue #4, Mimosa Shot, and Grandmommy Purple. Each one has a history of potency and unique flavors. Strains in this mix are individually labeled for the organized breeder.

These three are also a blend of both Indica and Sativa strains. No matter what you need, this pack offers tons of fun and even some medical benefits.

Heavy Kickers Mix Genetics
One reason to buy this pack is the impressive lineage these strains have. Each relies on a potent family tree responsible for its flavors and effects.
  • Godzilla Glue #4 is a 50/50 hybrid with three parent strains. It was bred by crossing Chem Sis, Sour Diesel, and Chocolate Thai.
  • Mimosa Shot comes from breeding Mimosa with Fruit Punch, two popular plants. It’s an Indica-dominant strain, so wait until later to enjoy it.
  • Grandmommy Purple has among the most unique phenotype of all three. It combines Big Bud with Purple Urkle for its distinct flavor and potency.
Heavy Kickers Mix Flowering Time
The great thing about this mix is that you can plant these seeds together and harvest them at more or less the same time.
  • Godzilla Glue #4 will mature between 55 and 65 days indoors or in September outdoors.
  • Mimosa Shot has the same medium flowering time of around 55-65 days.
  • Grandmommy Purple matures in about 60-65 days of flowering indoors or in September outdoors.
Heavy Kickers Mix Yields
This mix was chosen not only for its potency but also for its ridiculous combined harvest size. Whether you prefer to grow indoors or outside, you’ll see tons of buds.
  • Godzilla Glue #4: Up to 800g/m² (2.6oz/ft2) indoors, up to 1200g (42oz) per plant outdoors
  • Mimosa Shot: Up to 800g/m2 (2.6oz/ft2) indoors or up to 1.6kg (56oz) per plant outdoors
  • Grandmommy Purple: 500g/m2 (1.6oz/ft2) indoors and up to 550g (19.4oz) per plant outdoors
Heavy Kickers Mix Medical Properties
All three strains offer waves of euphoria, albeit in different ways. Because they all contain Indica genetics, they should all help you rest.

Enough to calm your inner raging beast, Godzilla Glue #4 sends you into deep euphoric sedation, perfect for treating sleep disorders, chronic pain, and severe anxiety. Mimosa Shot, while Indica-heavy, won't knock you out like Grandmommy Purple. A great medicinal strain for insomnia, severe anxiety, and chronic pain, there’s nothing Grandmommy Purple’s love can’t fix!

THC and CBD Levels
Godzilla Glue #4 somehow has the lowest THC content, tapping out at 29%. Mimosa Shot leaves your mind numb with levels up to 30% THC. Grandmommy Purple offers the most THC at a whopping 33%.

The Smell and Taste of the Heavy Kickers Mix
Another great thing about this seed mix is the overwhelming flavors it offers. Each of the three strains produces a unique taste and aroma.
  • Godzilla Glue #4 has a terpene profile that combines chocolate, pine, and citrus. You will enjoy it for the taste first and the high second.
  • Mimosa Shot's terpenes lean toward the cake and dessert realm. It has vanilla, spice, and citrus fruit flavors for a refreshing session.
  • Grandmommy Purple has the distinctive "Purple" taste that those strains enjoy. It also has sweet notes, a gas-like pungency, and berry flavors.
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