Lip Smacker Seeds
Lip Smacker Seeds
Lip Smacker, bred by Exotic Genetix, is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Strawberries N' Cream with an 8 to 9 week flowering time and a heavy yield.
Gender Regular
Flowering Time 56-63 Days
  1. Indoor
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Outdoor
Package Size 10
Indica/Sativa MIx
  1. Medium
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Sherb x Strawberries & Cream


Sherb, also known as “Super Sherb,” is an Indica-dominant hybrid from Arizona Nectars Farms. It is a cross of GMO or Garlic Cookies, and Sunset Sherbert. The Sherb nuggets have fern and olive-green leaves, swirled upward in bunches, resembling artichokes. Braids of sticky, gold trichomes appear to outline the buds like garland on a Christmas tree.Patches of fuzzy, orange pistils are interspersed throughout the buds.

Strawberries and Cream crosses a Strawberry mother with a Cookies and Cream F2 male. A balanced hybrid, this strain produces strawberry flavors that will leave you asking for more. Thanks to the Cookies & Cream genetics, lime green buds are dense and resinous with hints of purple.

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