Redneck Wedding Seeds
Redneck Wedding Seeds
Redneck Wedding, bred by Surfr Seeds, is a cross between GMO Cookies and Trophy Wife with an 8 to 9 week flowering time.
Gender Regular
Flowering Time 56-63 days
  1. Indoor
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Outdoor
Package Size 15
  1. Medium
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GMO x Trophy Wife


GMO Cookies is a 90% Indica dominant cannabis strain. This heavy-hitting Indica has knockout levels of THC coming in averaging between 28 to 35% or higher! GMO Cookies was created crossing Chemdawg with Girl Scout Cookies. The end result produces beautiful neon green buds with electrified red and orange hairs blanketed behind a generous coverage of sticky, chunky trichomes. The flavor profile is unique, having hints of coffee mixed with garlic and a spicy finish.

Trophy Wife is known to be ultra-potent, even among veteran consumers. It tastes skunky and sweet, with a smooth finish on the exhale. This is a common strain among users seeking relief from pain, anxiety, and insomnia for its heavily sedating qualities and uplifting hazy mood-boost.
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