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For Lemon Pie in Sativa
I grew it this year it was the lemon pie auto form 420 fastbuds it was a very small yeilder and very finicky with the nutes no good for first time grower indoors anyways will update review once fully cured can say it does have a nice aroma and the flowers are beautiful during bloom just was not what I expecting out of it and looked nothing like the pictures it showed no purple just green with white and orange pistols and super frosty in triches tasted a little bud after drying just because I had to didn't want to wait to taste it but ik it will be better once cured but uncured still gave me a pretty good buzz with no headache and wasn't harsh At all nor did it lose much smell after dry still stinks whole room up when burping jar only been 3 days curing no ammonia smell smells like lemon candy honestly.
For Destroyer in Sativa
I think the description is wrong: where does 20% indica come from? As far as I know, Destroyer (Cannabiogen) is a 100% pure sativa: Meao Thai x (Verde Limón Michoacana x Punto Rojo Colombiana).
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