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Have grown and smoked this weed numerous times. I remember growing this in a room(seeds were bought in Amsterdam) with multiple other strains and it just stuck out. Leaves were a perfect dark green(no fertilizer was being used at the time) while the other plants had a lighter color making me think they were sick. It's just a monster of a plant if it has the right conditions. Great yield and a pleasantly sweet aroma. The buds do take a bit of time to ripen before harvest but that seems to be typical of sativas. I wish I had pics, but this was back when a phone was just a phone :)
I got my seeds from Crop K. I grew a few of these and they were great yielders! Smoke is very smooth. Smell/terpene profile is earthy/skunky.

I would grow again.
Very nice balance. Long lasting. Great for breeding. Very good value.
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