4x4 Mars Hydro attempt

Alright guys so heres Week 5 update

im using 2 MarsHydro TS600 LEDs (I originally fell for the advertised wattage on amazon, but oh well they seem to work alright)

FoxFarm Happy Frog soil with foxfarm trio nutrients

6" inline fan w/ carbon filter running 24/7

temp is usually anywhere from 72-85*F

humidity ranges from 40-60%

Started off adjusting PH of tap water for food but I moved to letting the water sit for 24+ hours exposed to air with nutrients mixed and it seems to PH itself to about 6.5-7 (comes out of the sink at a high 8)

anyways just transplanted all three plants to 5 gallon grow bags 5 days ago

the bagseed (Ice Cream Man) was pinched around week 3 and completely took off afterwards so i had to die down the tallest stem and will most likely have to tie a couple more before i can flip them in about 2 weeks

just recently topped one of the Highwan plants and then pinched the other today cuz I couldnt resist, I have been hoping they catch up a little more to the ICM but it looks like they are just a little slower growers

anyways i noticed some tips burning on the ICM and some discoloration in the lowest leaves.... i assumed its from feeding immediately after transplant ? they seemed nice and healthy so i figured a nice feeding would be okay but ive stopped giving any nutes, for the last 3 days its been plain water only

i was planning on flipping all 3 to flower in 2 weeks from now and probably going to get a net or two, also was thinking of getting two more of the same lights for flower.... not sure if these two are gonna be enough

let me know what you think and any advice is greatly appreciated! if you see somethin, say somethin!