Ethos Glue & Rainbow Driver

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Ethos Glue Rbx 3 and Rainbow Driver-Archive. Both Fem
Grown in FFOF, worm castings, Urb, sea kelp and R/O water.

June 9th
Ethos Glue is the larger plant started on 5/5/19, germinated all 6 and 5/6 popped. 3 had funky mutated growth, my dog ate the other one.

Rainbow Driver are the smaller ones. Started on 5/27/19, popped ground by 5/31/19.

I forgot stuff so any questions feel free


Sept 14th

The ethos Glue was a pain in the ass and all popcorn bud. Chopped and making bubble hash.
Here’s a shot of the Rainbow Driver. Still has a couple weeks.
This is my first harvest

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