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This is not my first grow by any means, but it is my first grow in 8 years and my first grow in a tent...if that changes things in any way...
These are a bunch of F2 & F3 seeds from a couple hybrids I made in ~ '05 and worked with through ~ '15. I found them when I was defrosting the freezer. The bag was dated Feb. 2010, I wondered what the germ rate might be after 13 years in the freezer, so I spread the lot amongst five 3 gallon grow bags. I was pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of sprouts within 3 days, and by 7 days there was a legitimate shitload of them. The germ rate was at least 50%. It's now 3 weeks since planting, and there are a shitload of establishing plants. The plan is to thin the weaker plants as they grow, and then remove the males as I can identify them. Given the number of plants in each pot, ending up with at least 1 girl in each pot seems also a given. Once the weeding (😁 ) is finished, they'll all go into a 20 gallon grow bag....and most likely trained to a trellis.

The genetics:
Cinderella 99 x Hashplant
I dusted a female C99 clone with pollen from a vigorous, but otherwise nondescript hashplant male. My goal was to preserve the C99 genetics as much as possible.

Cinderella 99 x Kali Spice
I dusted a female C99 clone with pollen from a Kali Spice stud. My goal was to retain as many Kali Spice characteristics as possible. It was such a beautiful plant with huge lime green leaves and red stripes on the stems, which turned the most awesome shades of red and purple during the bud cycle.
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