First Grow Diary (Northern Ireland)

Alright there lads I’m a 19 year old stoner from Northern Ireland, I’m new to the growing scene I wanted to start growing because basically it’s costing me a fortune to smoke now so I thought I’d take it into my own hands and start growing haha so this is all my stuff
  1. Grow tent (80X80X160)CM
  2. 1000W LED Full spectrum Veg/Bloom light
  3. Seedling heat mate with temperature controller
  4. 6L Smart Humidifier
  5. 80w tube heater
  6. 500 MAH Clip on fan
  7. Wilma 4 Pot drip feed system 4X 11L pots with a 30L res
  8. (36X36X40) MM Rockwool Cubes
  9. Clay pebbles
  10. TDS EC Meter
  11. Ph Meter
  12. PH UP & PH DOWN
  13. Smart Thermometer/Hygrometer
  14. Black Orchid 5” Extractor fan & Carbon Filter
(Nutrients + Extras)
Here are a few photos of an auto blueberry that I germinated in paper towel method, it cracked on the 23rd of July is she looking healthy?