First Time Grow. Critical Purple Kush

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Hi Guys. I have learned so very much from this site, I just want to contribute a bit myself. This is my first grow and its safe to say I am totally obsessed with it already. I was gifted a couple critical purple kush clones from a friend and veteran grower with decades experience. The first photo is day one in the tent. There is a King LED 1000W about 18 inches from the tops on a 18/6 schedule. Feeding General Hydro Flora Nova Grow about every other day. PH of my water is always set between 5.8 - 6.2. Grow tent is 4x4.

This is just a short grow diary of what I have done so far. Please let me know if you guys have any input or have questions. I am here to learn and would love some feedback!


They have grown considerably over about 10 days & I put a SCROG net I made about 20 inches above the soil. I also lolli-popped, removing all limbs on the lower half of the plants. I topped the plants but I have never done it before and I am unsure if I did it right.


Now the plants have nearly come to the end of their vegetative period. I have been regularly feeding every other day, and pruning any new growth that is well below the SCROG. I have also begun tying down the highest points in order to expose lower future bud sites to max light. Based on the look of the plants I think I did top them correctly and it is greatly affecting the shape, making them very squat and bushy.


The effect of SCROG and tying down my highest branches has really paid off. The plants are squat and bushy with tons of new bud sites that would have stayed scraggly otherwise. After tying down I would often find that branch snapped right up after just a few hours.


I flipped the photoperiod to 12/12 and turned on the bloom side of my LED light. I kept the veg part of the light on as well for this week. For this transitional week I fed a mix 1/2 & 1/2 flora nova grow and flora nova bloom. Funny side note: My cat Mavis is absolutely obsessed with my plants. She just likes to be in the tent so she can sit by them, and often stands by the tent so she can yowl that she wants let inside. Plant feeding time is her favorite part of the day.


Transitional week is over and they are on a 12/12 photoperiod, flora nova bloom every day ( the soil seems dryer, faster now. I think they are taking in more food than in veg state). I made a happy accident and put my plants on these pan upside down lol. But i think this lets the runoff food fall away quicker, letting me feed more often without getting root rot. Just my novice speculation.



its the 11th day of flower & they are showing some nice little hairs and tons of bud sites.


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