Mr. Brazil’s First Grow. 12th Day - THE CLAW!!!

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Kindest greetings and a varied assorment of salutations to all. I am Mr. Brazil. I am also a fellow human, very likely anatomically similar to at least about half
On my journey through the monumentally vast network of gigantic annelid dug tunnels in the immense no-till canvas bag that is the study of botany, I am but a mere tardigrade; hanging on to life by a mere droplet on a thread of knowledge. And it is evident my lack there off is what brings me back here today.
In other words, I have a question. Could someone possibly help me figure out why this girl is bearing her claws? I’ll give further deteils

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ad I have previously mentioned, I am Mr. Brazil and I am a first time cultivator. I am trying two different strains of Autoflower: Crop King’s Amnesia Haze and Ethos Inzane.
The AH is doing ok, no significant curling up.
The Inzanes are the ones showing these signs. The temperature and humidity are tightly controlled, and are set to be between 27 and 30 C and 60 to 65 % respectfully.
I think maybe they can’t handle as much light as the AH.
But I am also aware of the elephant in the room. And aware of the fact this could be plain and simply… overwatering.
But… but…
I went and bought one of those moisture meters from Lowes, the really cheap ones, in fact here it is:
I inserted into a pot right in next to the root at roughly the center and it showed upper end of moist, into the wet area. 24 hours after watering last.
I dug into the soil and pulled a slightly moist and cool medium. Didn’t stick together but was not bone dry. So I watered it. Not too much. Promise.
The medium is… a whole story of its own. What happened was I used a Ocean Forest outer shell with a 2 liter inner core of Happy Frog. I planted the seeds directly into that Happy Frog Core (after Germination). I didn’t want the excess fertilizer in the Ocean Forest to burn the seedlings but didn’t want to transplant the girls either to avoid transplant shock. I hope these girls didn’t somehow still get affected by all this extremely rich surrounding environment.
My current CO2 delivery system may also be to blame, that is another rabbit hole we won’t be jumping into today. Appreciate any insight on This claw business.
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