Second grow in fifteen years.

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Hey all, back again. Big thanks to everyone who got me through last year and put up with my stupid questions.

I reveged a blueberry plant and kept it in veg all summer under a small viparspectra led, I figure if it can handle what I did to it the first round and handled 90-100° veg temps this summer in a tent with no climate control it must be pretty stable, plus it ended up being my favorite to smoke.

Anyhow, I popped the leftover Bruce banger and white widow beans I had and ended up with 2 Bruce and 1 WW and filled the rest of the tent with clones from the blueberry. Currently under 400w hps. 1000w in the future.

Just like every fall/winter, ornamentals from outside got brought in (no amount of protesting from me could stop it) when it started getting cold and completely infested the house with pests.

Fungus gnats were the first thing I noticed and since i dealt with them successfully last year i immediately started using microbe lift, but then I got a new surprise, spider mites.

I planned on vegging for another week and then flipping but it looks like i get to battle the borg first, any tips would be appreciated but i think I'm going the chemical warfare route. Forbid, avid, floramite, all 3?



Tanglefoot tangle trap, wrap stalk with plastic wrap and paint tangle trap on it.
Get three different mite killers and alternate treatments.
I'd start with string stuff that you wouldn't use in flower, use it 3 different times 2 days apart and then use some more friendly stuff like green cleaner after you flip and pray in the name of Jesus that you got them all.


Well, things are cranking right along, the neem is keeping the smites in check well enough that the damage is minimal and the plants are growing pretty fast. Got all the required ppe for spraying chemicals and the chems should be here today. The plan is to nuke them, wait a week, then flip, but they are growing so fast that they might be a bit unruly if I wait an entire week to flip. Maybe that's not a bad thing? I also sprayed the 2 smallest blueberry clones with some sts, I figure if they're gonna be less than organic they might as well make some seeds too.



The blueberry clones were taken 10 days apart and really took forever to root, which is why I did two cuts, thinking the first ones weren't going to make it. They go berserk once they get settled in, all the cuts were about the same size but you can see the 10 day difference.



No mite poison arrived in the mail yesterday so it's still safe in there.

Blueberry mom in the back left next to a WW, 2 bushy plants side by side in front right are bruce bangers, everything else is the blueberry which I've dubbed "poo-berry".

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