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I am new to this just finished first grow things went great. I got some auto flowering seeds. I have a question. do I just let them grow or can i trim them like i did the others so they would bush out instead of so tall??????
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West coast mainly. @timstrimming on IG . Hope to help others, trimming , freeze drying, pests ( ipm) , FDA standards. Dm for info .
I'm new at this well 2nd time around used LEDS, they suck! I must have gone through 6 of them and returned them to MH & HP system! that's another story. So, my second grow would not dry out so outside they went and boy did they take off 2/2/2. White widow and OG Kush and 1 Darth Vader Kush. 2 are ready I've cut one after flushing and one rain and the smell isn't there or at least I can't smell them.
Can someone please advise me? I smoke a lot that said, maybe that's it IDK..... She's 15 weeks! And to me doesn't smell/did before I flushed her. Oh, and one rain this am. I trimmed the buds very sticky. I need help please/ Thanks for listening!
What LED’s are you using?
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I just posted hella of the same picture on accident And I’m not even high lol that’s that organic high
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I have issues with my plants since 2 weeks ago. They are very down, aren't under watering, really I pay attention to this, always I check the weight before feed them, they have temperature between 70-80*, I have good air circulation, I have good CO2 Every Day they are getting worse and worse. Every day appear more yellow leaves. I can't switch it 12/12