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Hi guys I'm new here. From Cape Town.
I need some help and with a question, if anyone could please help.

I have 4 Canabis plants that are nearly 6 weeks old growing in canabis soil with indoor lights and I'm seeing a golden brown color on 4 leaves out of all 4 plants, the new growth is also slowing down, thin and curling ?

If anyone can please help
Follow me on Instagram, same name... Will be giving away a new exvlence 1200 grow light @100 followers.
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(IF I SPELLED THAT RIGHT IM NOT SURE BUT IM RUNNING WITH IT.) Came home to a couple issues but overall, shits looking ok, times like this is when I'm extremely happy I have everything automated if it needs to be. Now I have to catch up on things hope you guys are all doing good!!!
Accidentally changed some settings on my light timer. Added 2 hrs of extra light in flee today. Reducing time to flower from 11:45/12:15 to 11:15/12:45
Week 8. What's the best signs to look for when ready to harvest royal Gorilla autoflower guys. Any pics please?
New grower in the middle of growing 3 autoflowering strains 2-3 week of flowering . Gorilla glue auto , white widow auto, northern lights auto .
Building a new rig for this 4x2 auto run, and outfitting this 3x6 with a mini version of my other set-up. Adding on halos to run for the first couple weeks to cope with and feeding issues before roots get established, I have a feeling once shits running, this little closet gonna surprise a few ppl!🤯 If i can figure out how to post pictures again I'll show ya progress. Tell me what u think!
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